Thursday, July 26, 2018


Hoo boy do the memories rush back watching this 'un! Not exactly any strong youthful memories of quality suburban slob tee-vee viewing mind you, but those of them rainy days when something like this would pop up on the weekend afternoon schedule and mom'd just hafta watch this old tymey grownup stuff leaving me in the lurch so to speak. Yes, when a flicker like CHARTER PILOT was onna tube it was nothin' but playin' in the corner with my dinky, that's for sure!

But now that I'm older and perhaps even wiser I gotta say that CHARTER PILOT is a moom that is a whole lot more enjoyable now that it woulda been then.  And perhaps what makesit a winner is the pure unadulterated fact that it's a standard grindout with the kinda budget you'd expect from a film with this kinda plot attached to it. Lloyd Nolan plays King Morgan. this famous cargo pilot whose real life exploits are being made into a radio serial written by (and co-starring) his galpal Marge Duncan who frankly is getting tired of the rough and tumble life he's living and wants to settle down with him in connubial bliss.  Morgan takes a desk job at her insistence but the lure of the sky is just too great, and soon the guy's taking off for Hondouras to take over the bidniz over there much to his girlfriend's chagrin.

Of course a whole lotta fun and excitement are bound to happen and it ain't like I'm gonna be blabbing to you alla the fun and excitement that's gonna be in store for you once you get your maws on a copy of this nice li'l cooker. True it's slow in spots and the humor doesn't always have ya har-harin' like I was watching SONS OF THE DESERT awhile back, but it sure entertains me way more'n anything I happen to see switching stations to get to THE RIFLEMAN. Worth a watching if you happen to be one of those insomniacs who still misses the all-night movies on tee-vee where low-grade crankouts like this were bound to be shown.

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