Saturday, November 05, 2016

It's been another slim week here as you can see. Personally I'd chalk it up to the pre-election jitters but since I ain't experiencin' anything like that maybe I oughta think up a much better excuse! Howzbout this---the Post-Rock Era Depression miasma. Now that sounds a whole lot better, and is a whole lot more truthful as well! some ginchy goodies to blab on about including two platters sent me gratis if you can believe it, one from Bruit Direct and the other from Feeding Tube who have a pretty wild selection of newly-released longplayers available that I just might be snatching up myself once the moolah situation improves around here. And, since I've been stalling around quite a bit, most of the wares being reviewed were sent me by Robert Forward whose CD-r burns always seem to sink to the bottom of the pile while Bill Shute's and Paul McGarry's float to the top like...well, I won't bring that up!...which is why I decided to give him a special showing this week so t' speak. Who knows, maybe there is something in this stew that'll set your corneas on fire when they pop up right in front of you at the 2029 flea market of your choice!

Theoreme-L'APPEL DU MIDI A MIDI PILE LP (Bruit Direct Disques France, available via  Forced Exposure)

Another what wonders will amaze release from Bruit. Electronic clank yet rock 'n roll sounds from Theoreme (a person, a solo artist, a being to be reckoned with) that manages to once again bring back a whole lotta the good stuff I liked about 70s/80s cusp under-the-underground music that sorta got new unto gnu waved (copyright 1982 Bill Shute) away as the years rolled on. Again the overall effect reminds me of the Metal Boys' TOKYO AIRPORT which somehow has become a dark horse fave of mine and if you still have a heart for synthesized sounds done up somewhere between the descent of Throbbing Gristle and the rise of "dance-oriented electronics" this might find a soft space in your obviously aging (and I should know!) head.
Palberta-HOT ON THE BEACH LP (Feeding Tube, available via Forced Exposure)

Sheesh is this a crazy 'un. Nutzo low-performance primitive punkoid sounds that, like a good portion of these Feeding Tube platters, has a strange autistic appeal to it that gives me the impression that everybody connected with this should be sent to some special home where their needs can be fully attended to. The hypers at Forced Exposure have been comparing this trio to the creme de la Rough Trade aggregations of the v. late-seventies, but I find this one to be closer to some of the Amerigan outsider efforts of the seventies (Shaggs---LP recently reissued!) onward. Don't let the contemporary date fool you...this ain't some amerindie cutesypie offering for girls who dot their "i"'s with smiley faces. Another outta nowhere surprise that just might worm its way into your heart among other orifices.
Joel Futterman Trio-BERLIN IMAGES CD-r burn (originally on Silkheart, Sweden)

Never did hear about this Futterman guy before, but he's pretty hotcha if I do say so myself. Kinda reminds me of Burton Greene in his approach to the ivories the way he tends to go all over the instrument with a hefty debt to the classics tossed in there somewhere and a whole lot of Bushido tossed in everywhere. Not only that but the guy's got former Cecil Taylor sideman Raphe Malik on trumpet so there is that all-important connection between the nineties players and the seventies height of jazz gnarl. Not that bad...might be worth an internet search to find a freebee burn if you are so inclined to do things of that nature, ya cheapskate!
Robert Kidney-JACKLEG CD-r burn (originally on Exit Stencil Recordings)

Here's an outta the ether release that I wasn't even aware of, a solo platter from the Numbers Band leader doing the blues thang in a more...uh...traditional style. Not quite the white blues guy syndrome sound that one (who is unfamiliar with the Numbers) might associate with a release like this, Kidney sorta straddles the strange valley between Peter Laughner and Jandek on these dank and downright gloomy tracks that prove that those of melanin deprivation might just as be entitled to sing these songs of sorrow without being beaten to death for cultural appropriation. Again the perfect platter for a dank overcast Sunday afternoon bound to trigger memories of fine youthful goofoff times that always (at least to me) seemed the highlight of a perfect suburban slob upbringing.
The Girls-PUNK-DADA PULCHRITUDE/The Gary Wilson Trio-ANOTHER GALAXY CD-r burn (originally on Feeding Tube)

Forward decided to gimme another chance with the Girls album, and although I have an aversion to groups featuring nothing but males who use the word "girl" in their monikers (oh how precious!) I gotta admit that this particular collection is howshallIsay just TOO 1979 short hair 'n birth control glasses dated for me. Y'know, the kinda under-the-new wave art rock that might have sounded pretty innovative next to the radio drek of the time but by 1982 boy did I feel like I was taken! Still has its fair share of innovation and interesting moves to keep more'n a few aficionados of the form poppin' 'n nothing wrong with that!

The pre YOU THINK YOU REALLY KNOW ME Gary Wilson Trio does some rather entertaining jazz that kinda borders between space lounge and freeform, and somehow I get the feeling that if Bob James never went the TAXI route his albums coulda ended up sounding like this! Of course if they did he wouldn't have gotten anywhere in the world of schmooze but hey, what a price to pay to get the worldwide adoration of lameoid martinis and bowtie listeners, eh?
Sunburned Hand of the Man-MIND OF A BROTHER (Bonus Disc) CD-r burn

Here's an act that I've been trying to ignore for quite some time. After all...what kinda name is "Sunburned Hand of the Man" anyhow??? Now if they had a name like the Bonehead Bumbles or Tidal Waves I'd really go for this bunch but "Sunburned Hand of the Man"???? Well, despite their moniker I gotta admit that I thought that Sunburned put out a rather interesting release. Kinda starts off meandering and going off on tangents albeit in a nice sublime way (think Art Ensemble of Chicago circa. PEOPLE IN SORROW) before it hits on a raga rock groove with these weird screams interspersed. And then it gets back into that weird under-the-consciousness neo-noodle that ain't bad at all. Nothing I'd want to listen to regularly, but good enough for what it is.
Various Artists-RUBYDUBY WIPEOUT JETBLACK BEND CD-r burn (Bill Shute)

Bill musta been watching BATMAN when he slapped this platter out! This 'un's got EIGHT count 'em EIGHT  BATMAN and related tracks recorded by people both famous (Duane Eddy) and not (the rest of 'em) tryin' to cash in on the Batmania that was goin' on back '66 way and obviously not doing a good job at it considerin' just how bad these tracks bombed. Awwww I like 'em, even the Sierkowski Family's attempt at mooshing together the infamous "Batman Theme" with the Surfaris' "Wipeout" which I'm surprised hasn't been done since given the glorious obviousness of it all.

The rest ranges from interesting if not gutzy teenage garage pop (Tony Vaughn) to late-fifties gal pop (the Toalson Sisters) not forgetting this interesting single by the Potatoes in which Dave Dee Dozy etc., "Bend It!!!" hit is actually predated by this heretofore unknown bunch! Fantastic selection of tracks you got here Bill...I can only hope you slap the next 'un together watching LEAVE IT TO BEAVER. After all, who knows what you'll come up with watching that 'un, eh???

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