Thursday, November 10, 2016

BOOK REVIEW! OUT OUR WAY 1924 DAILIES by J. R. Williams (Ecomics Space, 2016)

Now things are beginning to cook for OUT OUR WAY what with the Western storyline beginning to firm up a bit and the Curley character (he being the hands-down star of this particular sub-series) finally being developed even if his nose ain't bulbous yet (not forgetting the an on-going saga where the guys are hot and bothered over the new school marm). The kid gang stories (complete with the standard chubboid and the turdler hanger-on) are starting to gel as well what with the kids making that special effort to head towards Cannibal Island (which I assume is the same Cannibal Island of KATZENJAMMER KIDS fame) at least before school is back in session or it gets dark, whichever comes first. And yeah, Wash Funk and Elf Dakin are still around even if you an tell Williams is running out of gags for the two of 'em. Well, it wasn't like they were that endearing 'r anything...

Whatever, a grand collection of comics that are of course "important" when you talk about the funny page and its history and where it was and is goin' an' all but hey, I've done some research and these things are also good for just plain' enjoyment! So yeah, if you wanna kick up your tootsies some evening when there's nothing grabbin' ya on tee-vee and live life kinda like the way the old folks did a good hunnerd years back well, this book might help out just a bit even with all the comforts of 2016 ragin' and roarin' in your abode.

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