Wednesday, June 15, 2016

UGLY THINGS #41 (geddit here)

Wow, another issue of UGLY THINGS has invaded the sanctity of my fart-encrusted boudour! No Jymn Parrett or Johan Kugelberg to be found, but it does have Greg Prevost and Bill Shute and that's hokay by me. It also has a ton of great junk and stuff and alla those things that drove a lawn-cutting tee-vee watching suburban slob such as I to the mag inna first place, like high energy action packed articles and reviews by some of the better people to pick up a keypad these past umpteen years. And (in case you can't get it through your thick fanabla head) that's exactly why I like this mag, glossy cover, $9.95 price tag and all!

The Lovin' Spoonful! Got mixed feelings about 'em because for years I somehow had 'em pegged as pure hippie music progenitors what with their good timey sound and all. Sure don't know just how this impression crept into my mind (other'n the fact that John Sebastian performed at Woodstock and their album cover which had some nudies running wild inna field with a lion covering up their nether regions [the woman's bullseyes airbrushed out too) because even a quick perusal of their material tends to categorize 'em as a precursor to the early San Fran freakpop style that kinda got lost in the Alice Dee shuffle within a few years. Great interview with Sebastian even though I'll never quite forgive him for that sappy if better'n most of the songs on 1976 AM radio theme to WELCOME BACK KOTTER.

As for the rest of the thing...Cuby and the Blizzards---never heard 'em so this 'un doesn't register with me like it would with those of you immersed in the mainland Euro roar. The Barbarians---this is a combination of that interview Greg Prevost did with Moulty in his old OUTASITE magazine and a more recent Mike Stax one making for a gab that sounds just as coherent as if it all took place in one nice setting. The Beachnuts---cool enough even if (after all these years) it's been determined that these guys and the Lou Reed studio group just ain't the same batch like some had been thinking lo these many years. And the stuff on the likes of Suzannah Jordan, Huckle, Bobby Patrick, the Big Six etc. well---maybe I'll let you know AFTER  I read their articles these upcoming weeks (gotta get this review out t'the public, y'know...)

Fave parts (so far)...Cyril Jordan's Flamin' Groovies documentation of just how tough it was for rock 'n roll (especially his own band) to break through in the age of Baez, the saga on Toronto's infamous Ugly Ducklings (the stars of the 1979-1981 rock fanzine sweepstakes---piece features an excerpt from lead singer Tom Byngham's new book on the band!) and a really boffo interview with Elliot Murphy, a man who has been quite ignored these past fortysome years even though I tried paying attention, critically panned albums and all. The reviews of books, recordings, Dee-Vee-Dees and such are also good even though for the life of me I couldn't find anything that I would actually wanna go out and purchase (other'n perhaps the Beckies and Ten Years After reissues) which either proves how dearth-like the exhumations are or how cheap I am (undoubtedly the latter).

I'll betcha that Mike Stax is one guy who can go to sleep peacefully knowing how much he has benefited mankind with his way above par rock magazine that delivers on the high energy goods. Can you?????

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