Thursday, June 30, 2016


Part three in the MIDNIGHT series features Our Hero still being delineated by Paul Gustavson and the same old battered original issues being used as source material. And as one might guess the sagas to be found herein are still top notch energetic as can be, highly reminiscent of THE SPIRIT opening splash-panel-wise yet with stories that are loopier and not as "artistic" which can mean a whole lot to you if you're an anti-intellectual fanabla like I tend to be!

The only true beef I have with this particular volume covering the immediate postwar years is that there are a whopping TEN count 'em pages missing! Well, actually nine pages plus a cover but what pages they are...many times the conclusion to a story or a part of said saga that holds many a plot shift and twist, and if you think that I'm an irritable chap to begin with you shoulda seen my face once I got hold of this volume! Well, as Classic Comics Library themselves state on the back cover these comics were reprinted from the best copies available and various faults and imperfections are to be found, but sheesh, ten pages??? You would think that the publishers would have held up the publication of this volume until the missing pages were found and if I were Classic Comics I'd send fresh new copies of this 'un to EACH AND EVERY CUSTOMER who bought this post haste once the book has been restored to its proper condition! We've waited for these comics for quite a long time, a little longer will not matter!

Otherwise eh. I really enjoyed reading this (sure nice to see actual comic book heroes for a change!) and I get the feeling that the inner Saturday Afternoon Barbershop Kid in you would feel just the same way!

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