Wednesday, September 23, 2015

MOOM PITCHER REVIEW! THE MYSTERY OF THUG ISLAND starring Guy Madison, Peter Van Eyck, Inge Schoner & Giacomo Rossi-Stuart (Columbia 1964)

Another snoozer that reminds me of those Sunday afternoons when my mom'd tell me not to stick around the house and go out and get fresh air, and since there was nothing but stuff like this on you can betcha I'd go and hop on my bike for a spin around the neighborhood because sheesh, was this moom a dud!

A three-year old gal is kidnapped from her bedroom in India and doesn't even put up a fight while her British Army father just happens to miss stopping the crime by a few mere seconds. Turns out this li'l gal is none other'n the incarnation of the godette with the many arms Kali herself, and is treated as such by the Thuggies who worship her in between torturing intruders and passerbys for fun and profit. Meanwhile the gal grows up and is spotted by a mere snake hunter who thinks she's the bee's knees, and although I really don't think she's hot stuff myself this snake guy sure does which must mean he's been away from any available gash for quite a long time!

Of course since this Ada gal is worshiped and all by the Thugs (she even gets front row seating at the human sacrifices) she's pretty much kept well in tow but that ain't gonna stop our hero! Toss in the typical acting by numbers, stock footage and even brief shots of a stuffed tiger mauling people and you got a pretty good time waster that, come to think of it, might be better'n riding your bike throughout the neighborhood.

The print I saw may have detracted from any overall times the color switches off and on giving me the impression of watching this 'un on a tee-vee during a wind storm while some of the visual glitches prove that this was taken off a cheap VCR somebody picked up at a flea market on the outskirts of Albuquerque. And to top things off this 'un also sports Greek subtitles. Talk about unnecessary disturbances...I mean for one thing this film was already difficult to follow what with all of these actors with their turbans and manicured beards looking alike to me!

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