Thursday, September 10, 2015


Here's one from the winning team of GREEN ACRES director Richard L. Bare and his former partner in Joe McDoakes crime George O'Hanlon, a nifty li'l drive-in packer starring early-sixties tee-vee star Gardner McKay and old standby Fred Clark as a pair of rivals racing to Tahiti for big stakes, the former with a crew of young nubiles guaranteed to get your eyes popped out (amongst other things) and the latter with a professional crew and a whole lotta subterfuge on his mind. Meanwhile GREEN ACRES' own Pat Buttrum's popping in and out as this small town sheriff on the hunt for one of McKay's crew members who says she's running away from "something" but by the time we find out we'll wish we hadn't!

It's a good enough moom considering how it plays sexy in a safe way (meaning lotsa cleavage but no titties in this Tahiti!) and has the right balance of comedy, action, tension and general down home funzies. I sat through the entire thing w/o fantasizing about whatever extraneous activities I could have been engaging in at the time, that's how fun this one was. In fact this 'un reminds me of those boffo mid-seventies lazy Sunday afternoons after the flea market when I'd plop down in front of the set for some UHF viewing before heading into that other teenbo activity that were certainly bad for the eyesight.  And with the bevy o' beauties that could be found in this moom what normil kinda guy wouldn't?  

So if you do feel some sorta pangs o' regret that you spent your pimplefarm years studying and generally trying to be a fifteen-year-old Mr. Weatherbee maybe you should slip this 'un on the Dee-Vee-Dee player and while you're at it make sure you're stocked up on the Vaseline Intensive Care. And be sure to get your eyes checked regularly, and maybe a li'l Nair in the places where you don't want abnormal hair growth will help too, eh?

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