Wednesday, April 03, 2013

MOOM PITCHER REVIEW DOUBLE FEATURE! TWO MISSIONARIES (1974) and WATCH OUT, WE'RE MAD! (1975) starring Terence Hill and Bud Spencer!

Ferget Hope and Crosby...when it comes to buddy-buddy action on the screen with plenty of biff-bang-pow fun you can't beat the team of wopadago western stars Terence Hill and Bud Spencer! Here they are in a coupla hotcha Eyetalian mooms that really pack the pasta for your money, and I gotta say that these flicks really are worth their weight in raviolis! And in this particular pair of mooms the two are out of the buckskins and into some present-day clothing working out some great mid-seventies filmage that was bound to make the backdrop for your local drive in bucket seat action, at least before it hit the boob tube a few years later where I'm sure your unca actually watched the thing unlike you obviously didn't!

I at first thought TWO MISSIONARIES was gonna be one of those religious mooms filled with sanctity and heart-felt messages guaranteed to get you up on your feet and down on your knees at the local church, but it actuality it's a pretty high-larious affair that even the most athie of athiests would get a kick outta. Here Hill and Spencer play a couple of wildguy priests on a small Caribbean island who, besides selling the locals' pepper and parrots on their trip to market, also engage in a little liberation theology of their own when they help not only a young sugar plantation escapee hide from the authorities but free a bunch of slaves being held by a local bigwig! In between all that they engage in a whole load of mischief and some of the best fight scenes filmed since the cancellation of BATMAN, and on a whole I would say that as far as religious mooms go this held up a whole load better'n alla 'em nun flicks that Rosalind Russell used to appear in way back when.

I find WATCH OUT, WE'RE MAD even better'n this already top-notch flick, and as far as seventies comedy action films go it sure beats the fanabla outta alla 'em EAT MY DUSTs and CANNONBALL RALLYs that were obviously ripping these originals off to a "t" (small "t", that is). Hill and Spencer win a much coveted dune buggy which they both suspect each other of wanted to take off with, only the thing gets destroyed when the local mobsters start wrecking the local amusement park because the boss (veteran English tee-vee star John Sharp, aided by his psychiatrist played by Donald Pleasance) wants to build a skyscraper on the property. Naturally the two don't take it all lying down, leading to some pretty funny scenes where they intimidate a local enforcer at the amusement park and joust on motorcycles before it all leads to a pretty neat climax that'll get you all hot and pumping. Strangely enough, I thought this film was supposed to take place in Southern California because the two talk about heading down to San Diego...turns out that it takes place in Spain! Well, I never thought that San Diego California would have had that many sixties European automobiles flying around, not to mention all of those obviously furrin license plates, but I never did imagine that there would be hot dogs sold in Spain either!

Got these courtesy of Bill Shute, who I must thank for making this particular day off a whole lot more pleasant than had I decided to clean the septic tank like I was supposed to have! Thanks a lot Bill, and if you have any more films to wing my way I sure have a whole lot more work not to do around here!

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