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Funny how springlike it was just a week ago, and now winter has returned with not so much of a vengeance as a dribble! Yeah, nothing but cold weather' n rain/snow mix to look forward to this weekend, which I am sure is putting a damper on a whole lot of you readers' St. Patrick's Day plans of bar hopping and telling old dirty jokes. Well, at least it ain't as bad as the humongous St. Patrick's Day blizzard of 1993 which seemed to close up the entire Eastern Seaboard as if it were a fireworks display tent at your local parking lot on July 5th, but it still serves to show us that winter ain't over here in the Western Pee-YAY area until next week, and then probably a few more weeks as well! Until the weather switches over into something more suitable for bunny mating I'm gonna continue acting like it is still winter, meaning loads of DVDs, records, funny books and fanzines while it's into the jammies by seven (and sack by nine at the latest!)...which come to think of it isn't that much of a change from any other time of the year but hey, I gotta keep my excuses up!

Not too many platters up for review this go 'round, and most of 'em are actually Cee-Dee-Are burns that were sent either by Bill Shute or Paul McGarry, two fellows you'd think would know better but don't. So praise be to them (as well as Feeding Tube Records) for helping to keep this blog afloat, but frankly I gotta say that with or without the efforts of the aforementioned chaps there really ain't that much out there in music-land being released that makes me wanna tear any of my buckskins from the ol' wallet like there was during the second half of the decade we now call the seventies! Now, I could go on and on and on about the lack of potent vinyl being made (or being dug outta some aged band member's attic chest) that would make me wanna do cartwheels 'cross the floor, but LET'S FACE IT, rock 'n roll and freedom jazz and other forms of atonal blare that we've known and loved for ages is now deader'n your first boss, and unlike that ol' geezer I sure do miss the form a whole lot! Or at least I long for the days when I could go into just about any record shop in the realm and walk out with a batch of spazzed out, high energy recordings that would suit my collection fine, even more if I happened to have my raincoat on!

Until there is a return to the extra-potent musical mores of yore I guess I just will have to rely not only on my own overflowing collection of records, tapes, mags, books and whatnot that really deliver on the high energy goods, but those few musical acts that are happening in the here and now who fortunately still go all out even though etiquette and good taste (or whatever passes for it these days) deems their sounds "rude" and "antisocial." Fortunately there still are a few wild and woolly acts out and about, and of course I do bring 'em to your attention whenever they do hit the ol' BLOG TO COMM turntable or boom box. However, I do advise you to be extra cautious when checking out new groups on your own. When it comes to uncharted waters such as these, you need an expert, and I'm assuming that I've been around the block a few more times than you have, and maybe in and out of a few alleys as well!

So, as I say just about every other week...without further ado...

Tom Crean (Banjo Assault)-FACEBOOK WHILE DRIVING CD-R (originally on Inn Studio Recordings)

Banjoist Crean (former Anthony Braxton sideman!) does a solo routine on this 70+-minute excursion that reminds me of what those inbreds in DELIVERANCE would be playing nowadays if the genetic pool was about as narrow as one would suspect (I mean, not alla them thirteen-year-old linthead gals can outrun their brothers or father fast enough ifyaknowaddamean...). Some amazing noise, some introspection, some interesting tricks that I never knew could be laid down on a all comes off like Pete Seeger in the last stages of palsy which come to think of it might be just what that old redster is able to muster up these days. Look out for an upcoming release on the Kendra Steiner Editions imprint.
The Lemon Clocks-NOW IS THE TIME CD-R burn (originally on Jam Records)

Twee will always be, and when it comes to thee you can't beat the Lemon Clocks for delivering on all of the promise that many an amerindie group of the eighties had only hinted at! A tenth-generation dub of previously exhilarating mid-sixties Beatles/Byrds (and mid-seventies Groovies) ideas that, while interesting and sparky enough, give me the same queasy feeling I'd get prowling the kitchen cabinets and finding a 45-year-old packet of Cap'n Crunch Ship Shakes somebody forgot about. But don't let my own misgivings keep you from finding out's available for free somewhere out there on the internet and why take this fanabla's word for it when you can discover for yourself??? For serious power-pop practitioners and paisley underground aficionados of the highest order only!

Bill Shute must go into some pretty neat thrift shops...funny, since all I can find when I go in 'em are old copies of Pat Robertson's GOD'S PLAN FOR YOU and Hello Kitty tampon dispensers. Nice selection of recordings ranging from the historical (Andre Williams, Otis Spann with Fleetwood Mac), the high-larious (Ed Solomon's Beatlemania cut-in cash-in), the has-been (Murray Kellum's "Red Ryder") and the hunh? (Li'l Wally's "She Likes Kiolbasa" and Jan Hobson's "Throw Your Cat Away"). Some thrift store fun  ya got there Bill, but next time you go could you pick up a lazy susan for me?
Justice Yeldham-"Popped in the Head"/"All the Time Now" 12-inch 45 rpm (Feeding Tube)

Nasty distorted music with traces of amateur hour vocalese hidden in the amped up sconk. Reminds me of the days when I'd switch on the stereo amplifier's "aux" and inadvertently blast the family outta the house. Only goes to show you that teenage stabs at the avant garde are as good as the more developed practitioners of the form, which is why maybe alla us phony intellectual kiddies with John Cage records neatly in hand shoulda been wearin' berets and eatin' stale doritos with the rest of the art brigade back then, savvy?
Various Artists-PORKERS AND KISSY-FACES. another collection of thrift-store 45's taken from various MP3 blogs compiled by Bill Shute CD-R

Bill makes yet another trip to the Goodwill store, and boy did he come up with some nice doozies this time! This 'un starts off with Cissy "Rainbo" Spacek's infamous yet hardly heard "John You Went Too Far This Time" (about Cis' utter revulsion over the TWO STURGEONS cover!) and it's really neet...reminds me of a PROPAGANDA-era Sparks song in execution and deliverance and would have definitely benefitted from Russ Mael's voice. It goes sure but steady from there with the overblown (Leona Anderson), the overwrought (Mister G) and Bill even throws in a Jesus song (Amy Beth's "Hero For The 90's") that I get the feeling Jesus would hate although he'd be too kind to say anything about it to Amy's face.

Some of it is kinda silly like the one where Gayla Peevey (that gal who wanted a hippopotamus for Christmas and still makes more money per year in residuals than I ever will because of it) gives her daddy a report card, some is hotcha like the Santo and Johnny single, and some is even entertaining although you never woulda admitted it in high stool like the Three Stooges singing "Jingle Bells" with custom-made lyrics for the holiday season. Highlight for me's the Barry Gordon*  rockin' Mother Goose toe tapper which is almost as good as Stan Freberg rockin' Stephen Foster, while on the flip he's getting the hots for gals and he's only seven! Lowlight is the Real Pros' "That's Her Kissy Face," latent lezbo skushgush (that's a girl singing it!).
Eric Dolphy-THE ILLINOIS CONCERT CD-R burn (originally on Blue Note)

This 'un popped out of Bill's latest Care Package like a festering pimple on a summer morn forehead and naturally it had to be "popped" before all of the other ones. The great Dolphy live with his quartet (including future fusionmonger Herbie Handjob, I mean Hancock on piano) creating more of that powerful fire music that had quite a few college kiddies tearing away from their Joan Baez sensitive folkie inclinations at least for a few nanoseconds. Joined by the University of Illinois jazz band horn section on the finale entitled "G. W." which proves that attending the halls of higher learning and dippoid music don't necessarily have to go hand-in-hand. If you're interested in giving this a free spin here's a link to a rapidshare that just might help you out.
Various Artists-TRADE MARK OF QUALITY CD-R burn courtesy of Bill Shute

It seems as if the spirit of King Uszniewicz himself overcame Bill Shute when he was burnin' this 'un. Thing starts off with five tracks from a live show by the South Bay Surfers who romp through their covers of such standards as "Treat Her Right" and "Teenager In Love" with all the aplomb of a spastic getting his rocks off to the latest Sears Roebucks underwear catalog. The Portsmouth Sinfonia follow with their takes on such sudzy slush as "Whiter Shade of Pale" and less sudzier slush such as "Apache" and sound rather together if you ask me! Not only that, but Bill actually slipped an entire album that's called HOW TO SPEAK HIP, one of those wild beat neo-comedy (as opposed to neo-Marvin) they used to sell in the back pages of HELP! Closing out the thing's a promo flexidisc for Slade's OLD, NEW BORROWED AND BLUE which sounds like a winner even if it was considered extremely gauche to admit to liking Slade back in the mid-seventies, that is for anyone I knew who actually heard them. In all, a better listen than REBECCA AND THE SUNNYBROOK FARMERS.
The Treniers-COOL IT BABY CD-R burn (originally on Bear Family)

What else can be said about the Treniers that hasn't been said before? I only say this because I am at a loss for braincells when it comes to reviewing these early proto-rock excursions that have enough swing to 'em that even your World War II (great) (grand) daddy will congratulate you for showing some musical taste. A boffo selection of single sides for everybody from RCA to Groove (?) to X (???) that at least will get you up 'n jumpin' all over the place like a nudist who just sat on some spilled liniment. Contains what just might be the first ever record that was pumping up some action for a "rock 'n roll president," an idea that might have seemed boffo in 1956 but treacherous when we actually got a couple!
Yoko Ono/Kim Gordon/Thurston Moore-YOKOKIMTHURSTON CD-R burn (originally on Chimera Music)

And finally for today's this 2012 release featuring a collaboration between none other than Mrs. Lennon herself Yoko Ono and the now-split mainstays of Sonic Youth where the three get into some pretty good avant garde grooveplay that's similar to the stuff that was going on in the late-sixties and entire portion of the seventies as well. Yoko's in fine form here (there's none of that phony singer/songwriter crap from back when she was trying to get hippie Beatlefans to like her!) doing her mewls and catarrhs, while Kim and Thurston lay down an accompanying backdrop of sounds that reminds me of everything from the Art Ensemble of Chicago during their quieter moments when Joseph Jarman and Malachi Favors would be strumming on zithers and African harps to the very same Joe Jones Music Company that made Yoko's own FLY album such an outfield wowzer. Didn't think any of 'em still had it in 'em, but I wuz wrong.

*you know, the kid who got the weepies on LEAVE IT TO BEAVER and was all over the television tube back in the fifties, sixties, seventies and even the eighties to an extent.

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