Sunday, August 17, 2008


These are just a few of the observations that I have made about life, politics and the "human" condition over the past few weeks (if not longer) that, for a change of pace, I thought I'd share with you dear friends. Guaranteed to make you think, to ponder your own political and social ideologies, and most of all write comments that come off more or less like the cackling of indignent old bag progressive ladies like the kind you used to see on DONAHUE all the time but then again as the sage says, so what else is old?:

Republicans are huge champions of the concept of limited government seemingly to the point of anarchy...until they get voted in and start tripling the size of the state. Democrats are huge champions of the concept of the working man, ethnic Northeastern lower-mid class types and Southern NASCAR fans...until they get voted in and start treating their voting blocs in the most patronizing ways possible while doing nothing for them.

According to members of the ruling elite, people of opposing races/creeds always seem to "smell funny".

When scores of people from various "protected classes" are "terminated" (to be kind about it) by repressive regimes it is described as a holocaust. If the scores are not from a group or race that is considered "politically correct" it is merely an "unfortunate incident".

I don't know about you, but I find it highly hypocritical when liberals lecture me about "hate" when they seem to just be brimming full of it themselves. I don't expect to see Arthur Sulzberger cozying up to conservative pundits or Southern populist politicians at any cocktail parties soon, provided that they were invited in the first place.

Members of various races and nations may hate us, but they want us to like them anyway.

And while I'm at it, aren't these polarized members of a wide variety of minorities (and majorities come to think of it) usually the most self-righteous, self-centered and generally self-absorbed creations to walk the face of this earth? Definitely a change from their fore bearers, who seemed to osmose self-pride and the better qualities of man as opposed to many of their adversaries.

In Europe and Canada, not only has the political "center" been moved to the extreme left but political correctness has been raised to such an art form that I cannot fathom such concepts as free markets and especially free speech being tolerated in these formerly admirable lands. Heck, it's come to the point where preachers in these nations are being prosecuted under hate speech laws for airing their beliefs with regards to traditional Western morality, and I'll bet most of you Amerigan readers of this blog are just itching for the trend to hit these shores more sooner than later!

Western Pennsylvania is a pretty strange place. After all, where else would you see the back of a vehicle splattered with pro-life bumperstickers, with one proclaiming "Hillary For President" placed strategically in the midst of it all?

Political "pundits" of the libertarian persuasion who see nil value in paleoconservatism while ignoring its contribution to the modern libertarian movement would be daffy enough to cheerlead for a political hack (and career ruiner) like Rudolph Guiliani over a principled politician the likes of Ron Paul. Kinda strange for a guy who claims to have been breast fed from the very teat of Murray Rothbard.

Call me an ogre if you will (won't be the first time), but I really don't mind it when bad things happen to bad people. Even if I do question the validity of the death penalty on scant occasion, I'm not exactly sad to see most of the people who are subject to it get offed in sometimes painful manners.

"Gay" at first meant "happy". Then it meant "randy" before mutating into becoming "radically homosexual". Nowadays it seems to mean "obnoxious" more than anything.

It took a good eightysome years, but Mencken's observation about politics being the worship of jackals by jackasses seems to have really come to full fruitation in the current US presidential contest.

And gosh all crimony, but I had a really snappy close to this particular blog. I thought it up last night after waking up from a weirdie dream with a bladder fulla recycled iced tea, but wouldn't you know it I actually forgot the pertinent point that I was trying to make! I shoulda jotted it down, but at three AM the last thing I wanna do is switch outta snooze mode (which is a shame, because some of my brightest ideas pop into my mind either just right before I fall asleep or in the middle of some far out fever dream) so I guess my observation will just have to be lost to all history, at least until my next deep slumber. But I'll tell ya, it was a killer that would have had a good 99% of you quaking in your boots!


Anonymous said...

"...the most self-righteous, self-centered and generally self-absorbed creations to walk the face of this earth". Sounds just like you, Chris.

Pat Robertson said...

Does this mean you and Jay Hinman are getting married?

Christopher said...

Boys, now behave yourselves!