Sunday, August 03, 2008

Mighty High-...IN DRUG CITY CD (Mighy High)

Hmmm, a newie has made it to my door just like they used to during the height of my own prolific fanzine days back in the nineties! Looks like I won't have to break out my dusty old copy of LIVE AT CBGB'S and give it the twentieth review of my career after all!

Anyway, reg'lar BLOG TO COMM reader Woody High sent me a copy of this, the latest (and perhaps ONLY) Cee-Dee by his group Mighty High along with the warning that I "...probably won't like it" which would seem strange coming from a guy who has sent me his own handiwork gratis. Dunno why Mr. High would even think of "shooshing" his very own release off like that but he did, perhaps due to some sort of self-hatred and inferiority complex? But really, suffer from modesty though he may Mr. High was wrong regarding my perceived opinions concerning this particular endeavor, probably because along with the disque in question Mr. High also sent along a check requesting all of the available back issues of my very own fanzine of which many copies are available thus guaranteeing that his platter will get a boffo writeup on this blog! So you budding musicians with a new release would do well to send my your rotting away analog/digital items along with a hefty order if you too would like to have your ignored offerings get the royal treatment here at BTC central!

All kiddin' aside, Woody and his pals really do come up with a good bitta heavy metallic punk rock on this disc, which I gotta admit is nothing I'm gonna spin on a nightly basis like I do with all my fave obsessives but that don't mean its rank. With lyrics straight outta the '77 eff-yew school (with more songs about drugs and the scoring thereof than I could shake a hypo at) and melodies more or less twisto-change-o variations on a whole buncha 1981 British Weekly punk fodder, Mighty High sure come off like the best of punk past that skedaddled through the offal that movement ended up producing to get to a meat-and-potatoes present which I for one can osmose to a lot more than I can to...say, Wooden Shjips (sic). Kinda reminds me of the days when it seems as if real underground/new wave/garage/hardcore rock battle lines were being drawn up, and you could guess just where these guys woulda been firmly plunked down. Not with the Kultur Klub or Mad Donna, that's fer sure!

Hey kids, sorry for the skimpy weekend posts that I've been dishing out as of late, but given the lack ot fodder and energy (I "do" have a real life, or something along those lines) I just haven't been able to crank out those ten-thousand word essays the way I used to even a few months back. But that doesn't mean I'm throwing in the towel just yet, for I have a few hot irons in the fire that I'm willing to poke in your eye once I get my sheishe together as they say in Germany.

As you can plainly see I've also been slowly but surely rebuilding my link 'em up bar on the left, although I still have to re-discover a few of the old blogs that my system lost about a month back which I must say does account for the skimpy look of the thing as it stands. So please, if you had a blog that was linked up here and I've yet to restore it to its proper place on the BLOG TO COMM mantle of respectability please let me know. Even if I never did link yer site up and you'd like to be included with the rest of the chosen few let me know and I'll try to rectify my past errors faster than you can say "your mother breast-fed the entire Seventh Fleet!"


Woody said...

Ha! I thought you might be burned out on Stooges/MC5 rip off bands. Thanks for the write up and looking forward to getting those back issues.

Cheers, Woody

Christopher said...

Hi Woody-Sent the mags out Thursday so maybe later this week? If not, please contact as soon as possible!

Woody said...

Did you hear the Stooges gear got stolen in Montreal? What a drag. Here's what's missing -