Saturday, March 01, 2008


While checking out Tim Ellison's MUSIC CHAMBER blog in the hopes of getting an update on the latest issue of his ROCK MAG/MODERN ROCK MAGAZINE which has been in the works for the past few months, I saw that the man has, for reasons only known to him, effectively "pulled the plug" on said blog and deleted its studious and very informative opinions for perhaps all time. Because of this unfortunate incident, efforts will be made to remove the blog from the "Links You'd Like To See" listings on the left, but in the meantime I'm just wondering what caused Mr. Ellison to yank about three years or so worth of pertinent writing from the internet-sphere. One can only hope he hasn't come upon some grave "moment of crisis" (something which I should know about having suffered through a series of them during the course of getting issues #24 and #25 of my own rag out to an unsuspecting, and uncaring public), but whaddeva, I hope things are going swimmingly well for Mr. Ellison and the missus and perhaps the death of MUSIC CHAMBER only means the birth of something even more glorious in its wake, like a new ROCK MAG into our greasy paws very soon!

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