Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Gotta question the date here (seems more like it would be '73 considering the Dolls refs.) but who really cares given this rare video find of Wayne County and band (with the Wyndbrant brothers of Miamis fame as members) doing the unplugged thing way back in the day.


Anonymous said...

This is great!! Hey Chris did the Miamis ever put anything out, are there any tapes floating around?


Christopher said...

The Miamis appear on the LIVE AT CBGB'S album doing "We Deliver" while they can also be seen in BLANK GENERATION doing a rather nice AM-pop type of number that reveals their sixties roots rather well (it's no mistake that an ex-Stories member was in a later lineup of the group). I thought it was rather keen when Amos Poe got a closeup of one of the Wyndbrant brothers' tapping of his foot to the music revealing that the guy was wearing saddle shoes! I believe you can score a DVD of the film rather easily enough.

Anonymous said...

After many years, The Miamis are releasing a CD of their best material in November, 2008. The tracks have been culled from studio sessions and live performances. Digitized, cleaned and re-mastered, they sound surprisingly good -- energetic, tuneful and fun.

They'll have a website, too --