Friday, February 22, 2008


If you thought the scene with Farfour the bogus Mickey Mouse in a marked down costume that I posted a few weeks back was bad enough, just get a load of Nahool the Bee (Farfour's replacement) swinging kitties by the tail and throwing rocks at lions!

But even Nahool's tenure on TOMORROW'S PIONEERS was short-lived since our bee with the human relatives was denied access to hospital treatment by the Israelis! His replacement on the show? None other than Assud the mock Bugs Bunny, who not only is Nahool's brother but has such a vengeance for his sibling's death that he boasts that he will actually eat the Jews!

BARNEY BEAN never got this surreal! Twenty years from now when the target audience of TOMORROW'S PIONEERS finally stormtroop their way into Ameriga, can you imagine the look on their faces while pillaging Disney World and coming across the real Mickey, bursting into tears saying "Farfour, we thought you were dead!" Laugh along with the apocalypse!!!

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