Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Here's something from Youtube that I thought you'd enjoy, a classic silent-period FELIX THE CAT cartoon that Mike Snider e-mailed my way complete with an Eric Dolphy soundtrack ("Hat and Beard" which was none other than a homage to groundbreaking bopster Theolonius Monk) taken from his infamous OUT TO LUNCH elpee on Blue Note 1964. Besides the good taste the poster had in choosing this particular number to accompany a nice slice of early animation, I thought it was amazing how the music actually reflects the on-screen goings on (like when the bird dances on the telephone wires plucking them along to Richard Davis' own bass-playing and the butterfly bounces from flower to flower in perfect synchronization; I'm sure you'll find many other interesting happenings herein!)...in fact the entire track seems pretty in-tune with the antics of Felix and crew to the point where I would relish seeing more of these twenties cartoons being pared off with sixties avant garde jazz groupings to equally stunning effect. After viewing this majestic pairing of jazz and animation all I gotta say is that I sure wouldn't mind seeing Ko Ko the Clown prancing across my computer screen to the bellowing of Roscoe Mitchell!

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