Thursday, October 15, 2020


Awwww, anudder book that's all en Francais! Sacre bleu! Well, at least it's a timely tome on a really worthy subject and even if there is way too much hard to make out text here to keep my attention roarin' NOS ANNEES PUNK's still a pretty good 'un for any true blue rock et roller to have on hand. Or at least any true blue rock et roller who still hails the DARK TANTRIC DRONE that continues to have a hold on me lo these many years after first being radiated by the vibrations.

If you're looking for a history of the French punk rock scene this is probably the kinda books that'll have you diggin' out old Berlitz platters in order to brush up on a subject I have no doubt you failed dismally in back during your high stool days---- unless you live in Montreal 'r somethin'! 'n for those of you who have been in on the BTC concept of rock as that universal way to drive not only your elders but your own so called generation and many after for that matter buggy man you will go for this even if I think there was quite a bit of skimpin' on photos we all coulda used!

References to the greats who helped get all this music in motion from the late-sixties gestations of everyone from Red Noise to Mahogany Brain are touched upon, and writer Chris Eudeline sure knows when the right time is to drop names such as Nick Kent and Lester Bangs (of course such local boys as Patrick Eudeline [who I think's a relation, and nepotism is always something good to have on hand!], Yves Adrien and Alain Pacadis get their fair share of space). Eudeline also delves into the sounds sprouting up across the Republic at a time when it seemed as if only those who woulda been clued in were the fanzines and the spotty patches of under-the-underground writers who seemed to be scattered all over the place. It's all covered and although it seems as if some acts are sorta shoved aside while others are given the ooh la la treatment you'll get your share of info regarding the development of French punk. Yeah, you could say that these guys mighta "stolen" quite a bit from various English and Amerigan faveraves, but what made these acts so powerful is that most of 'em took the sound and molded it in their own unique Gallic way making for a scene that was as fresh and as original as what was coming outta the big burghs at the time! For that matter they came up with something way better'n what was happening in backwoods USA once these sounds finally filtered down long after the power and ideals petered out.

For a doof who doesn't know the language I sure coulda used more rare snapshots, posters and perhaps some fanzine covers other'n the wall of ROCK NEWS with Patti Smith front and center that European Son posed in front of. No interior pics of Open Market nor rare Mont de Marsan action shots to be seen, though I really liked the ones of Alain Kan as a 1963 teenbop gal throb surrounding his 1973 glammed up image not to mention him with his group Gazoline posing around some oversized phallic sculpture acting decadent French-kissing some guy (yech!) while some Marilyn Monroe lookalike flashes her scuzzy suckems. Sick, but like a kid looking at a decaying animal in the woods you can't turn your head away. Always tended to think of Kan as some bandwagon jumper onner but maybe I should start seeking out those Gazoline records in earnest one of these days before I croak. Couldn't do worse than brush up on my French since from what I can gather my Belgian is atrocious.

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You redefine obscure with every post, Chris! Mind boggling!