Thursday, November 21, 2019


It hasn't been that long since #18 came out making me wonder if editor Bob Forward has a lotta free time on his hands. Still I can't argue about  getting another fanzine in the mail considering the dearth of rockist-related reading that is available, so when it comes plop time in the bathroom you know which mag I'm gonna pull out to read, right?

The latest OTWW sinks to even crudzineier levels than past efforts. Actually that's a pretty good recommendation right there given just how slick to the point of nausea I'm sure some of these rock reads have come to be as of late (just guessing, but I would assume that most would be worse than the offal I read for free onna web). It's sure good reading something pasted and patched like OTWW because if there's anything out there that needs to match the cheap music its cheap publishing! After all, TEENAGE WASTELAND GAZETTE was vastly superior to ROLLING STONE and I get the idea that TWG ran on a budget of ten dollars at the max!

The innards ain't bad either, what with Craig Bell giving us his take on his own history, an autobiography that even throws in a mistake or two for alla you anal retentive types to write in and complain about. Yeah we once again see the same photos of Mirrors and Rocket From The Tombs we've seen over and over again for the past umpteen years, but who sez that OTWW ain't followin' a proud fanzine tradition in doing just that?

Lessee---what else is there? Howzbout a piece on Susan Oliver that probably woulda been more fitting for an issue of VULCHER only I think that effort has deep-sixed for all eternity. I'm not that hotcha a fan of Oliver but I do like old tee-vee shows and she appeared on a good share of those herself! Also boffo are the two pages of Eddie Flowers reviews followed by some Bob Fay guy giving us a track-by-track appreciation of THE CAN SOUNDTRACKS!  Fay is top notch true, but as far as Flowers goes it's sure grand reading things written in the HERE AND NOW that were written by a guy who was around in the THEN AND THERE which retains that old sense of gonz that's been poo-poo'd by the POWERS THAT BE ever since Lester Bangs did his own era's end almost thirty years back. None of that college kid crit golly gosh gee shit here I'll tell ya!

Andrew Russ also clocks in with a whole load of live reviews including a Devo tribute of sorts as well as various Cle-area live writeups that, while not making me wish I was there front and center, seemed like fun enough events for Russ to document for all eternity. And there's some weirdo thingie on some cassette culture-type electronic collagey thing I'll read about next time I hit the throne.

It's a pretty good 'nuff effort true, but unfortunately OTWW #19 is marred by a few glaring and downright disgusting inclusions that might even make the more squeamish amongst us stay awake worrying all night. Forward's review of a Phoenix Donald Trump appearance reads so alternative rock snob above it all that if he only added a few more caustic commentaries regarding the local yokels and tossed in a few hints o' neo-Fascist bubbling under it coulda appeared in THE VILLAGE VOICE. It's a given that even with his cowtowing to various special interests out there Trump just might be THE real life Rex Grainge or at least a viable MEL LYMAN who actually will "tear down the world"...your world that is. The perfect antidote to the dictatorship of the cosmopolitan that's gotten even more snobbish and unbearable once their power was thankfully usurped by a man I never woulda thought coulda pulled it off inna first place. David Duke?? How right on and Sweet Polly Purebread can ya get there Bob?

Also in the disgusto realm is a positive mention of Jay Hinman's latest 'zine endeavor and given just how hard that man had tried (and succeeded to an extent) to derail my own fanzine efforts I would have thought a person who I had considered a "friend" wouldn't have trotted over to the other side so fast. You must remember that it was Hinman who directed a whole number of screeds against me for various moderne day "sins" such as racism (dunno how that enters into things though I do hold more of an affinity for John Derbyshire's views on race than I would any of Hinman's philosophical idols), sexism (as if the image of what the female gender aspired to in the earlier part of the 20th century was worse than it was once the gals lost their seats when they stood up for their rights) and homophobia (coprophagia raised to a new exulted height---and like many of you readers out there probably don't believe if it ain't procreative it's a doorway to a world even you will fear). He also thinks my musical tastes suck which is yet another reason the guy should be suicided immediately...anyone who would dismiss the likes of Von Lmo and the Plastic People of the Universe should not be allowed to go anywhere near typeset. The smug social consciousness that has sneaked its way into OTWW certainly is unpleasant considering what we really could use these days is a whole lot less "virtue" and a whole lot more lynchings! (And don't go writin' in about the racism alleged or not about that li'l statement....most of the lynchings that took place in the western US were of white people and besides, I really don't have much love for a murderer who was dragged outta his cell and subjected to the neck stretch!)

But hey, I know that Bob and Jayze are man enough to take my solid constructive criticism to heart. If I were you I'd go get yerself a copy of OTWW #19 and at least see what the fanzine idiom on life support looks and reads like long after most of you readers ceased to care.


MoeLarryAndJesus said...

Trump's a bag of rat shit. A guy who drops turds into a golden bowl in Manhattan isn't an antidote to cosmopolitan ANYTHING. He's just ripping off the rubes who he has more contempt for than anyone. He'd push a button and turn your town into a sinkhole if he could make money from it. I've had my own arguments with Hinman over his silly libertarianism, but come on - Derbyshire is just a necrophile who hasn't been caught yet.

Christopher Stigliano said...

Somehow putting Trump on the same plateau as your standard politician careerist loather doesn't quite match up. I mean, if ANYONE would wanna push a button and send my town into a sinkhole it would more likely be the Sulzbergers than Trump.

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

There is no button. But if there was and it would put cash in Trump's pocket he'd push it. He's all about the cash and does not give a single shit about anything else, unless hating Mexicans counts. I wouldn't put him on any "plateau" at all - as a born gutter rat he'd just get a nosebleed. BTW the Sulzbergers had as much to do with putting Trump in office as anyone did.

All you really need to know about Trump is that he was ashamed of his own mother because she was an immigrant and a peasant with a "funny" accent. Fuck a guy like that all day and twice on Tuesday.

Christopher Stigliano said...

Yeah, I believe everything I read too.

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

Weak shit there, Chris. Did you pull it out of your ass or out of your autographed MAGAt hat?

Sucking the dick of a loser like Trump is the least rock thing there is. He's never had a dog and I'll bet he's never bought a decent record. You're gobbling the nut of a guy who lets Kid Rock fuck his wife. Ask your mentor Byron Coley what he thinks of Trump and you'll get even more piss thrown your way.

Back to music - do you have any use for download codes of recent/fairly recent records? I don't, but I have a bunch you can have if you do.

Christopher Stigliano said...

1) I guess your definition of "rock thing" and mine do differ. As if Trump has anything remotely to do with my musical tastes. As if he's supposed to.

2) I have no idea who Kid Rock is or who his wife is and somehow I don't think this is relevant to anything I believe politically. Maybe morally, but that's another argument.

3) I've seen "weaker shit" on the internet, but then again the commentators at Blazing Cat Fur already said enough bad things about you. And come to think of it, I'm positive that the political views of most of my fave rockscribes and my own don't jibe, though I do find myself having an even greater affinity with most things Wayne McGuire was writing back in the late-sixties. I'm more interested in their musical takes and frankly when they do go all Castro on me I tend to cringe a whole lot. My problem.

4) I don't use downloads but thanks for asking.

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

I'm pretty sure my 85 year old mother could slap the shit out of any Blazing Cat Fur "commentator," which is a very fancy word for incels who jack off to Auschwitz videos. The maggots that ate Lyndon LaRouche's brain have better credentials than those guys.

I've got a complete run of your zine and I know you've been fairly consistent about your views over the years, which is fine, but I never thought you were a fool. Trump supporters are fools. The man has nothing going on upstairs other than self-aggrandizement and greed.

As for Kid Rock... After Ted Nugent shit his pants for a week to dodge the draft, he threw his pants into a dumpster in Detroit. Nine months later those pants crawled out of a dumpster and found a home in the suburbs and grew up to be a tuneless rock celeb called Kid Rock. You don't really need to know much more.

Christopher Stigliano said...

I kinda find it hard to believe that your average BLAZING CAT FUR readers are "incels who jack off to Auschwitz videos" considering that blog's rather pro-Israel bent. But maybe you DO know something I don't. And as for self-aggrandizement and greed go well, I hope it's catching! And this Kid Rock guy who I think I might have heard about before....well, he does seem like a nice chap despite his personal lifestyle. But I kinda doubt I would care to listen to anything he recorded.

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

By "pro-Israel" those clowns just mean "pro Bibi," another corrupt right-wing clown who just happens to be stomping on people they hate more than Jews. Let Israel be led by left-wingers or centrists and you'll be amazed how quickly they turn. Self-aggrandizement and greed have their value but not if you're taking an oath to defend this country under the Constitution. Trump is using his office to fill his own pockets. Nothing more. He wipes his ass on the oath he took and is using his office as a personal cash register. Jeezus, man, you can't even afford records and you have little orange hairs stuck between your teeth from constantly slurping his bag. Get your dignity back.

And thanks for the OTTW tip, I already sent Mr. Forward some moolah.

Christopher Stigliano said...

Uh, if you mean that BLAZING CAT FUR's condemnation of anti-Semitic happenings on college campuses would change with the Israeli government I highly doubt it. These guys will sour some whenever the ruling parties change but it won't be in an anti-Semitic way I'll assure you. And I also believe that I have way more dignity than the shrill screaming lezbos in pink hats and their congressional/senatorial lackeys.

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

Yeah, you're tied in the dignity department with Lindsey Graham and Devin Nunes. Did Bleeping Cat Fur condemn Trump after he cuddled the Nazis at Charlottesville who chanted "The Jews will not replace us?"

I'm guessing they didn't.

Christopher Stigliano said...

You guessed wrong.

Christopher Stigliano said...

Actually the people at BLAZING CAT FUR condemned the protesters, but as far as Trump saying that there were good people on both sides well, I do agree with that since many of those people fighting to save the statue of General Lee (who had way more of a moral compass than either Grant, Sherman or Lincoln who wanted all Jews in Virginia to be identified as such and not have any access to the railways)were not quite of the Nazi persuasion. As far as that kerfuffle goes I sure have way more sympathy for those who want to honor their true heroes than a buncha pampered upper-middle class play-acting "anarchists" who somehow don't see anything morally wrong when they trash public property and bash skulls in because they have the implicit backing of the REAL powers that be.

I think history spoke well enough when General Franco squelched the SAME KIND OF PEOPLE who were trying to wreck Spain back in the thirties. Remember all of those mass murders and clampdowns that happened in his wake? Me neither. All I remember is Luis Bunuel making a bunch of horrible movies while in exile that only like-minded communist types seemed to go for.

Christopher Stigliano said...

Maybe this link from the JEWAMONGYOU blog will enlighten you more as to my own opinions regarding the left you seem to adore:

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

In reality they pretended Trump didn't say what he said. Which is what his legion of ball-lickers always does when he says something irredeemably stupid.

There were no "good people" among the right-wingers marching at Charlottesville. Just human garbage. It was a coordinated gathering of white supremacists. Trump knows those morons are a big part of his base.

Franco's fascist regime kept Spain a European backwater until he finally died and went to Hell, where he is being spitroasted by 50-foot fire and ice demons this morning. George Orwell was one of those who fought against Spanish fascism and history regards him much more fondly than it does Franco. Lee was no more a hero than Franco was, unless you are seriously bent in a similar direction.

Punching Nazis always upsets right-wingers in this country because they wanted to align with Hitler in the 40s and they feel they missed their chance to whiten the world in a major way. Not happening, chuckles. The taco truck is coming to your corner. That's a good thing. Right now the best restaurant in Hermitage is probably a Hoss or a Golden Corral. It gets better.

Christopher Stigliano said...

"In reality they pretended Trump didn't say what he said. Which is what his legion of ball-lickers always does when he says something irredeemably stupid."

The above misinformation always happens when people edit quotes and take them outta context.

"There were no 'good people' among the right-wingers marching at Charlottesville. Just human garbage. It was a coordinated gathering of white supremacists. Trump knows those morons are a big part of his base."

People wanting to save the monuments had every right to protest. Of course anyone regardless of their ethno/racial makeup is probably a "white supremacist" to you. It does get easy to put blanket condemnations on people just like honest types who think these monuments should be removed sometimes get mixed in with the masked thugs who I always see getting publicly shamed for their acts of violence against these so-called "right wingers" like Andy Ngo (snark off). And as for the black people marching with the right wingers, I guess they were "honorary Aryans" or something like that!

"Franco's fascist regime kept Spain a European backwater until he finally died and went to Hell, where he is being spitroasted by 50-foot fire and ice demons this morning. George Orwell was one of those who fought against Spanish fascism and history regards him much more fondly than it does Franco. Lee was no more a hero than Franco was, unless you are seriously bent in a similar direction."

Franco kept Spain and probably Portugal from going communist which is a fantastic achievement unless one is of the mindset that a Stalinized Iberian Penninsula would have been vastly superior to a Francoized one. (Rhetorical question...where would you have rather spent the 1950s in, Spain or the Soviet Union?) And really, I sincerely don't believe that this man of virtue is roasting in Hell which I doubt you believe in unless you want to press some highly impressive moralistic point, but wha' th' hey. And Orwell was a socialist so why wouldn't he go fight with the communists, although I have the feeling he might wince at some of the applications of groupthink and governmental overreach I assume you are in favor of, at least when your guy is in office. And just because history might have better feelings about Orwell than it does Franco only proves that history is, and has, been written by not the winners or losers, but the sophisticated intellectuals who have looked down upon the peons lo these many years.

Robert E. Lee's anti-slavery opinions, while deserving of some scrutiny and criticism, were way more palatable than Abraham Lincoln's Liberian solution or Grant saying he would resign his commission if the Civil War was about slavery. All Lincoln cared about was keeping the country together and well, those slaves just happened to be a good pitch.

"Punching Nazis always upsets right-wingers in this country because they wanted to align with Hitler in the 40s and they feel they missed their chance to whiten the world in a major way. Not happening, chuckles. The taco truck is coming to your corner. That's a good thing. Right now the best restaurant in Hermitage is probably a Hoss or a Golden Corral. It gets better."

Who said anything about me hating tacos or Hispanics or most other ethnics? It's all in your mind MLJ, a mind that seems to think that everyone to the right of him is a Nazi. And frankly I dunno if most right-wingers in the USA were actually pro-Hitler as much as they were anti-Stalin. I can't see a right-winger like Mencken believing anything CLOSE to what you're "protracting"! And oh that little dig at the end of your paragraph about the best restaurants here...who's the REAL uptight elitist snob now?

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

Chris, your ignorance of the real situation in Spain (and Portugal) is palpable. There was no real "choice" between Communism and Fascism in those countries. There WAS a fear shared by the church and the rich of communism, as in many other countries, but it was exaggerated. Would I rather live in 50s Spain or the USSR? Spain, sure, but I would much rather live in one of the countries that went with normal democracy instead, like Sweden or the UK. Your jamokes who would have preferred fascism over normal democratic socialism are nuts.

I didn't say YOU hate Hispanics or tacos, but the people you're making excuses for sure do. There were no tender-hearted lovers of Lee in Charlottesville. None. There were just organized apeshit right-wingers yelling about Jews and the left-wingers who were there to tell them to fuck off. Which they should. Proud Boys and Nazis and KKK trash can all fuck off. Mencken (an elitist snob himself, and I'm a big Mencken fan) would have known all of those creatures are nothing but trash. Their lack of education alone would have made him mock them. He would have been even more revolted by Trump. Talk about the booboisie! Have you even read Mencken's dispatches from the Scopes Trial?

Christopher Stigliano said...


MLJ, the choice in the 30s was very simple, and it was between communism and forces that were created to STOP it. The Red Terror in Spain is what LED to the rise of Franco. I know it may not phase you in the least, but before the civil war began the reds were slaughtering priests, nuns and various followers, committing atrocities that would seem mild in comparison with many seen over the years. I think the Spanish had reasons to fear the new government despite what those documentaries on PBS would have led us to believe had we taken them seriously what with their draconian restrictions that most on the left seem to either ignore or make excuses for. If it weren't for Franco the entire Iberian Peninsula would have gone communist which would have probably led to the continent going red within a few years, which would have led to total disaster as if the lessons of Allende's Chile, Castro's Cuba, Kun's Hungary etc. somehow missed you.

And by fascist do you really mean Franco? He wasn't fascist in the strictest sense but then again neither was Hitler. Mussolini maybe. Franco knew how to use other governments to make Spain better which is why he did take military assist from Hitler (while privately loathing him...why do you think he saved the Spanish Jews from being shipped out?)as well as the US. The fact that he used people to better his own nation is one thing that really irked Churchill even though I find it perfectly proper in my own way. You might not have known this, but the Falangists got mad at Franco when he began introducing various reforms in the fifties and began patterning himself after DeGaulle. Maybe they did have a point...

Christopher Stigliano said...


The people here in the United States who are clamoring for a wall and for stricter immigration (and are opposed to that of the illegal variety) aren't racists even if that seems to be a handy tag that most snooty types adore lumping on them. They just hate seeing people lurching into the USA and in many cases causing trouble whether it be via illegal activities or just plain lousy driving. Hey, my own ancestors came from Italy (well, some) and even I can understand the frustration the natives hadda put up with at times what with organized crime and other distasteful hanits that many immigrants did bring in with them from the old world! Personally I don't mind's just that these bleedhearts clamoring for unrestricted immigration really seem to be purposefully missing the point that their opposition is making even when said opposition is stating their case repeatedly and clearly only to be casually dismissed. (And boy have I seen that done repeatedly over the past few eons!) It seems that the lessons of modern day Sweden, Germany and England sorta woosh straight through their heads! (And thank GOD for Orban, Salvini, Le Pen and the guy who's now running Poland, all of who really do have the best interests and welfare of their countrymen in mind or would if they were still in or ever will be in power!)

NO tender hearted lovers of Lee at Charlottesville? I doubt that considering some of the articles I've read about that fateful day. They definitely were the "good" that Trump mentioned. There was a black conservative talking with this liberal host on Canton's morning AM radio talk show who not only was at the march but was presenting the very same facts that I have about that day and all that was happening, and of course the host had to talk down to the man and say things about the right wing and conservatives along the lines of "I've seen their handiwork" as if he never did see the handiwork of the leftists he seems to adore! It kind of reminds me of those arguments I would have with Chuck Eddy who said he knew more about myself that I! I really felt sorry for the caller who stood his ground being lectured by a man who was heaping on moral airs about being his better and snobbishly being so condescending that I would have reached out through the radio speaker and strangled the guy!

Have you seen the Proud Boys? There is a multiracial mix in there even though that kinda blows your old white power theories about your socio/political enemies being whiteboy ignoramus slobs away. I wouldn't dare compare ANY of them with the Klan or Nazis, although I would say that they could develop into a strong nationalistic force a la Identity Europa or the Golden Dawn if just given the chance.

Mencken mocked EVERYBODY, but if he didn't say anything POSITIVE about you later then you knew you were not on his good side. Yeah he was an elitist and I've read his Scopes Trial missives and William Jennings Bryan (a man I actually like, even when he was defending Creationism!) obituary, but the twenties scene and today's are two different animals. If he were around in today's socil/political clime, I'd speculate he'd come off as a cross between Paul Craig Roberts, a straight Justin Raimondo and perhaps Ron Paul. Maybe even get his own column on VDare if not

Christopher Stigliano said...


You do remember that Mencken was at one time considered a Nazi sympathizer because he never did write anything remotely anti-German during the forties (as far as I can tell---he was pro-German during the first World War), but he did write articles against segregation in home town Baltimore so what kind of Nazi could he be? And he befriended a group of black kids who were playing in the alley behind his house and used to treat them to ice cream...can't see any of today's fashionable limousine liberals doing anything remotely like that! Have their gardeners chase 'em away maybe, but not treat them to sweets that's for sure!

To be honest with ya, I know that the current-day variation of the boobiose that Mencken talked about are those pseudo-intellectual dogooders who are causing most of the problems we see these days, the modern day equivalent of the "uplifters" of DW Griffith's INTOLERANCE only with their hair died up in spiffy shades of blue And their lackeys in the press, on TV and in the papers which is probably one of the reasons they've been losing respect over the years.

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

Chris Stigliano and the Strawmen really should put a record out.

"Limousine liberals"
"pseudo-intellectual dogooders"

Mencken wouldn't have pissed on the creeps at VDare if their faces were on fire. And he was no Nazi. He said early on that they were a gang of lunatics and he had no German friends who supported them. He said their leaders showed "extraordinary imbecility," and I have no doubt whatsoever that he would have applied the same label to the uneducated Trump. He loved Germany, of course, and so do I. It's a great country now that they've buried most of their Nazis and smack the live ones whenever they show their ugly, empty heads.

The Proud Boys are bunch of ignorant and violent thugs who apparently drink from communal urine vats during their initiation ceremonies. Their own useless leader, Gavin McInnes, showed them his ass and ran away screaming like a baby the minute they got into real trouble. Some of their braver members are now being rented out for cigarettes.

Christopher Stigliano said...

Like I SAID, Mencken was a guy who could criticize everyone but if he didn't say something good about a certain group elsewhere you know you were in his sights, and some DID actually believe he was a Nazi sympathizer because he wasn't as vocal on the war as some would have liked. And I certainly wouldn't see him cozying up to the Even Newer Left that seems to be takoing a huge hold on this world of ours. If he even went 1488 I would not be surprised,, though he would have been alt-lite at the least.

Those Proud Boys certainly are admirable especially compared with those masked antifa milk-shaking goons you implicitly seem to love and who get tit-fed daily by the media.

And next to some of the offal your side pours out what the heck is so bad about the accurate portrayals of the chattering class swank types you seem to be somewhat of a part and parcel to?

Christopher Stigliano said...

That's "taking", and how can a hayraker like you accuse ME of creating a "strawman"? Ever do any looking in the mirror lately?

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

Those Antifa kids have balls. And they're punching Nazis, which is among the most admirable things a human being can do.

So yes, I admire them.

What strawman do you imagine I'm creating? Anything like these "chattering class swank types" who don't describe me or anyone I know? You're one step away from yelling about Soros or the Illuminati or the Rothschilds.

You know who Mancken's audience was when he was in his prime? The chattering classes. He was their hero, and he favored the educated and the clever. Trump favors people who think the Earth is 6000 years old and get angry if they have to press 1 for English. You know - shitheads.

Christopher Stigliano said...

Uh, I would not consider Andy Ngo a Nazi nor the innocent bystanders who those masked turdburgers were skull crashing. If they're your heroes I'd shudder to be anywhere NEAR you! I can think of more admirable things, like punching communists!!! I find the Proud Boys way more endearing! Even Nick Fuentes compared with your all time faves!!!

Lissen, since I don't know you from Adam I have no idea if you are are aren't a member of the chattering classes. However, you THINK like them. Bad enough.

Yeah I do get the idea that Mencken's audience was the twenties variant of today's "chattering classes". A different breed than the ones you see today tho. And personally, although I do admire Mencken it doesn't mean I believe every word the guy wrote! Sheesh, I can disagree with Meltzer, Bangs, Parrett and Nick Kent on a few things they were propping up during their heydays!

Trump supporters as Neanderthals? Does that include John Lydon and a number of BTC readers who probably would get hounded if it came out they were fans of the man? I don't think they get angry and having to push one for English, but they do get mad being the brunt of every unfunny comedian's joke or seeing their children forced to learn about transgenderism and not having a say in their classroom curriculum because the teachers ALWAYS know better. Generalisms? Naaaah....

Christopher Stigliano said...

That should read "Generalizations" in the last line. Which is what I get for typing this during work with all the interruptions...

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

Andy Ngo is a whore for right-wingers. He's also a liar who never had a "brain bleed." "Reporters" who trespass in combat zones usually don't whine if they take a few hits.

When I was growing up in the 60s and 70s we had a word for people who are afraid of everything. We called them pussies. Ironic, huh? Well, anyone afraid of a little gender-bending is a pussy, and that goes double for Lou Reed fans who hold that particular fear. Seriously, that's just stupid. And yes, I admit I'd rather see kids listening to Lou than to that warbling flagfucker Lee Greenwood. Freak flag > American flag, especially that Confederate version Trump's "very good people" prefer.

Christopher Stigliano said...

Sheesh, if Ngo is a whore for right wingers like you say does that mean all of those other innocent standbys were as well? The guy looked way more whacked up and where did you hear he never had a brain bleed because I haven't! Antifa is just the warrior branch of the current day Democratic Party and should have been deemed a terrorist group long ago. But they hit people they disagree with maybe/kinda/sorta, which I guess is one reason why you fail to see that huge plank in your eye while always pointing us out about the specks in ours, as the sainted saying goes.

Uh, people who don't want their kids indoctrinated politically or sexually by government schools aren't "afraid of everything" fact they're fiercely fighting against the hip capitalist/left wing machine that wants the nation's kids to be the next generation of shock troops for the BIG CAUSE that's creeping up after the other battles are over. Anyone who is "afraid" of having their kids exposed to heavy duty sexuality in kindergarten and being brainwashed into thinking they are of another gender ain't a pussy but a proper proud parent who is doing his duty,. one which way too many parents shirk at anymore. And hey, I like to listen to Lou Reed not because he was a sick faggot but because he made music I enjoy. I don't think I would agree politically with most all of the people I listen to's politics with the exception of Greg Prevost, Edgar Breau, JD King and a few others but this little fact doesn't quite bother me the way I think you'd think it would.

I hate Lee Greenwood, and I also have "freak flags" you David Crosby lover you! I would make a quip about how things are doing at the underground paper and if you're stocked up on Boone's Farm in Marin County, but that wouldn't be quite jake.

I agree with Lysander Spooner who said that the South didn't have the right to own slaves but they had the right to secede! Maybe that's why I tend to have more respect for the Confederate flag than I would for Lincoln's, and although you might not care to believe it Honest Abe WAS a way bigger bigot, racist and various other 20th Century epithets than any of the Southern heroes whose monuments are being torn down these days. Maybe if we tore down some of these monuments to Lincoln we'd be on the right track...

Back to Mencken...have you read any of the sights that bear his name and image these days? The folks at THE RIGHT STUFF once used a pic of him taken shortly after Prohibition was repealed on their masthead, and the people who populate the H. L. MENCKEN CLUB are filled with the likes of Paul Gottfried and various other people I don't think you'd cozy up to politically or socially. Besides, I think that those on the left, or at least their successors, pretty much have disowned Mencken because of many things he had written which I have extrapolated on earlier. But take a look, you'd think he'd be the father of the alt-right rather than the alt-lite after perusing a few of 'em.

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

The brain bleed was revealed as nonsense in the media. It shouldn't be hard to find if you really care. The hospital let him go the next day. He was fine. Also revealed as bullshit was all that crap about "cement" in the milkshakes. Never happened. You know who cries about being hit with a milkshake? Pussies.

Antifa would not be much of a terrorist group because they've never killed anyone. Punching Nazis is their game and it's good clean American fun. As for these "bystanders" you're so concerned about, I think you're talking nonsense.

There is no "heavy duty sexuality" being taught in kindergartens in America. That's just more Hannity trash that should be left to the mouthbreathers who think his empty, uneducated head has value as something other than a pinata.

The horseshit about Lincoln being a worse bigot than the slaverapers who formed the Confederacy is idiotic revisionism. Look up an article from 2015 in the Atlantic called "What This Cruel War Was Over" - it digs a hole and buries all of that garbage.

I don't care what slimeballs have adopted Mencken lately. I don't think they have much to do with the reality of his writings. Years ago the National Review or Harper's had an issue filled with right-wingers claiming Orwell would have been a right-winger if he were alive today (or back in the 80s when the issue appeared.) I don't really understand the phenomenon, but I guess they realized that a foppish racist clown like WF Buckley was never going to have Orwell's appeal.

Christopher Stigliano said...

"The media". Wow, what a trusting source! I guess that I wasn't so much a concerned person not to find out myself.

You don't have to, by definition, be a terrorist by killing someone. Just like beating up on random people with MAGA hads doesn't make you a hero by any stretch of the imagination, but for the life of me I really can't stand seeing a buncha innocent kids being raised by a bunch of truly crazed adults being subject to everything from transvestite story times to being brainwashed into thinking they are of another sex, things that are so un-kid like that it makes me believe that there really are no more children anymore. But hey, have fun watching Desmond is Amazing twerk to your heart's content.

Gee, Lincoln wanted all of the blacks in the US sent to Liberia. He also once told a delegation from a black group that he cared not a whit if slavery was abolished and the he just wanted to keep the United States together. And it's as if I would ever trust THE ATLANTIC for really hard-edged and believable coverage!

Ditto me really being concerned re. the recent NATIONAL REVIEW (or even the REVIEW of the past) or HARPER'S regarding what some "conservatives" thought re. Orwell. A few have speculated that he woulda been a conservative but I would personally doubt that. Whether he's be a left wingnut is another question I would not be able to answer. Mencken definitely is one of the guiding lights of the alt-right/lite along with other greats like Murray Rothbard, Pat Buchanan and Robert Welch (Jesse Helms?) because even if you don't remember the message of the previous umpteen posts regarding Mencken, the whole conservative/liberal perspectives have changed dramatically over the past century and like, I really have become your loathed Nazi o'er the years without changing my own political opinions. Or at least since I turned right wing after coming way too much in contact with people like you.

Anonymous said...

Mister, we could use a man like Augusto Pinochet again.

General Franco did nothing wrong.

Free Ursula Haverbeck and Jim Fields.

Every woman adores a Fascist. (Sylvia Plath)

There were no ovens, but if there were, I'd toss Bob Dill Pickle in.

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

Come on, Chris. You should look up the history of Liberia sometime. This "Lincoln wanted" bullshit may be what passes for wisdom when you and the Proud Boys sit down to a long session of urine-drinking and history-mangling, but on some level you are better than that.

The Southern "heroes" you feel so close to didn't want any of their slaves to go anywhere. They wanted to keep them right there under their thumbs for bartering purposes and also for the occasional rape. I'm glad there are no statues of those scumbags in my town.

Robert Welch was a delusional ballbag who set the stage for later lunatics with his asinine takes on the Rothschilds, the Bilderbergers, and the Illuminati. He was about as intellectually solid as a bag of rats tossed into a river. Mencken wouldn't even voluntarily sit in the same room with a wackjob like that. Pat Buchanan died 8 years ago but the zombie grifter blood still has him hopping around yelling about Zulus. If creatures like Buchanan and Welch are your gurus the closest you'll ever come to truth is a pig manure lagoon in South Carolina. Remember to hold your breath when you go snorkeling.

Christopher Stigliano said...

As far as Thomas Di Lorenzo goes as well as the closing titles to THE BIRTH OF A NATION (or at least the original version lost to time), Liberia was Lincoln's final solution to the black question. And yeah, creatures like Welch and Buchanan (as well as Gottfried...why did you leave him out?) are intellectual strongholds around here. OK, I will hold my breath next time I go scuba-ing.

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

Migrations to Liberia were voluntary, ya putz, unlike the slavery you remember so wistfully. You might look up Marcus Garvey the next time you feel like learning something. Comparing that to the Final Solution is something Julius Streicher or Pat Buchanan would do. Come to think of it, you look a lot like Streicher. Hmm. I left out Gilbert Gottfried because I liked the Dirty Jokes album he put out. What part of The Turner Diaries is your favorite?

Christopher Stigliano said...

Lincoln's Liberia plan was mandatory...we're not talkin' about the freed blacks of the 1840's and youknow it. He's the one who said the nation couldn't survive with blacks in it. And come on...was I comparing Lincoln's final solution to the Nazi one? Use your brain, single cell and all. And your razzing of me re. Paul Gottfried was a huge miss of the target! And as far as THE TURNER DIARIES go, I like the part where the smug complacent troll who thinks he's such a virtuous being with his superior views regarding politics and society gets offed in a most painful way!

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

If you're just going to make shit up, what's the point? Lincoln never had any plan to force freed slaves to Liberia, no matter what the neighbor's dog tells you late at night.

I knew you'd have a favorite Turner Diaries bit. Just the thing to recite by memory during your vacations at the Idaho compound... Right after Stephen Miller gets done singing the Horst Wessel Lied.

Jay said...

A former comrade of Stigliano’s alerted me to a conflagration going on over here, and didn’t even tell me my name popped up again. For the record: I’m not a libertarian, but regrettably it took me far too long to age out of pretending I was. And Chris, I wrote about you online exactly once - IN 2005. I immediately deleted it when you flipped out about it. You’re still talking about it in 2019. I’m in my fifties and honestly bear zero malice toward you and couldn’t care less how you feel about homosexuals or Von Lmo or anything else. I was in my thirties when I wrote a single post about you - still far too old to talk shit about a fanzine writer on the internet, but I apologized to you, I deleted the post about you, and you know all that. It was childish and not funny nor interesting when I wrote it in the first place.

Christopher Stigliano said...

To MLJ---I'm going by what Thomas DiLorenzo (and others) have written. I wasn't inside Lincoln's mind at the time and neither were you so we BOTH don't know the real reasons and thinking that were stirring in his mind. I think I'll leave it up to an expert like the aforementioned DiLorenzo as well as others who have devoted a whole lot more time than either of us to the subject.

As for what? I do remember hearing about that one crack directed towards me in the first issue of your new mag so I guess that the vitriol did continue somewhat down the line.

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

Uh, Chris, it’s a matter of historical record that Lincoln once supported repatriation to Liberia but it WAS to be mostly voluntary. He also had backed off from this support before he became President. I know you fringe types hate consensus reality but that’s too bad.

Good to see JH is no longer sipping the Randian cocktail. I knew he could do it. That ideology turns people into rabid skunks if it sets in too deeply.

Long Live Rene Boucher!

Christopher Stigliano said...

Yeah, us fringe types really don't know our history. I'll refrain from any more commentary until I read THE REAL LINCOLN from cover to cover.

And what's this about you saying something foreboding about Ayn Rand? I mean, you the big Ditko fan an' all!

Anonymous said...

(((Abraham Lincoln)))

(((Ayn Rand)))

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

Ditko is a good example of what happens to libertarians who don't get cured. Poor guy was miserable and alone for the last few decades of his life. He couldn't even enjoy his part in the creation of our modern American mythology.

The Real Lincoln has been debunked and trashed by every historically literate critic who has held his nose long enough to plow through it. DiLorenzo is just another mentally ill neo-Confederate whose writings would be best used as landfill.

I blame Loompanics.

Christopher Stigliano said...

Dunno where you got your info on Ditko. From what I was told he just was an extremely private person who valued his situation in life. From his writings on the creation of Spiderman etc. I knew he had his beefs about his part in its creation, but from what I was told and have read he never was what you'd call bitter.

Will try to obtain THE REAL LINCOLN, so expect a review of it if/when I do.