Thursday, October 17, 2019


I gotta admit that all these furrin' action flicks from the sixties that Bill Shute has sent me o'er the years have really embedded themselves into my natural action cravings (for something that ain't as castrated as today's "entertainment", that is). This 'un starring Ray Danton's no exception.

THE LAST MERCENARY stars the longtime film/tee-vee tough guy as a soldier of fortune who, after wiping out a Congolese revolution within the span of a few minutes, ends up in Brazil to help out a small-time mine owner with a sexoid wife (of course you know what's gonna happen!) who's being pressured into selling out to the Big Time mining cartel. Loads of things happen along the line what with the naughty boys not always playing according to hoyle (some pretty good hard-edged beatings both ways are at hand) and at first the wife acts extremely suspicious of Danton, plus there's this little girl who dresses like an old crone who pops in and out of the action and somehow figures into the deep psychological bent of what the true essence of everything that is going on really means but in no way could I figure any of it out. Sheesh, don't you have it when these action and adventure moom pitchers alla sudden get all arty on ya?

Can't really complain tho since THE LAST MERCENARY does keep up on the action what with all the surprise twists and turns to the point where sometimes you don't know who the good-good guys are compared with the good-bad ones while a few bad-good ones might sneak in with the bad-bads. Of course getting there is half the fun, and I gotta admit that this 'un's good enough to keep you in control of your bladder just so's you don't have to take a trip to the pot even if you do have a pause button to hold the action while you take the pause that refreshes. Once again, a film that is mind over bladder.

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