Saturday, March 30, 2019

Weathering the March blahs just like the rest of ya. That's why I'm not that keen on writing a large opening bornado for this weekend's post, one where I prattle on about some rather interesting and even downright entertaining incidents I may have experienced this week, or tip you off re. my opinions regarding some definitely non-musical happenings as of late whether they be political, social or just plain dirty. It's been one of those weeks where you have nothing but leftover mashed potatoes in the fridge, and rather than have them go to waste you make potato pancakes outta 'em. I'm sure you get my drift.

But as far as listening to this week's batch goes well, I think I did fairly well. Of course a few items were left over from last go 'round, the ones that got mooshed up in bold type that I rescued rather'n let go to waste, but for the most part I had whatcha'd call a fun enough time spinnin' these beauts and lettin' ya know what I think of 'em. At least I've done something productive and beneficial that I can be relatively proud of, and in these cyborg days that really does mean a whole lot. Dunno how much longer I can keep this up, but as long as I can all you precocious faux bloggers out there in notice me land just better watch your skid-riddled underwear for further developments!

Don't have anything else to say other' here they are! Thanks to the usual suspects for the donations to the cause, and I'm sure that the mere presence of these wares up for study has made their lives a little more livable'n had they never even known me inna first place! Some may disagree, but I believe in giving credit where credit is due, especially when I am responsible!


Sheesh, with a name like "Sex Tide" (maybe that should read "S-x Tide" for some of you more prudish types like myself) I thought this was gonna be the soundtrack to one of those durty moom pitchers featuring a bevy o' nudie cuties or naked lovelies as they were known around here! Wrong agin, for this Columbus Ohio act more or less performs in the GREAT MID-EIGHTIES TRADITION OF SOUND AS LOOSELY-BRIDLED CACOPHONY which is a style that I get the impression some of you readers will like. Now, I'm not as nostalgic for the mid-eighties as many of you reg'lar readers might be, but if you go for that post-hardcore noisegrind total apocalypse sound that was all the underground rage at the time (complete with familiar guitar riffs copped from some of the greats in the industry) you just might go for Sex Tide. Ask for it by name, and don't be surprised if the ol' biddy behind the counter swats ya one!
Lee Hazlewood-TROUBLE IS A LONESOME TOWN CD-r burn (originally on Mercury Records, reissued on Light in the Attic Records)

In 1963, future Nancy Sinatra collaborator Lee Hazlewood recorded this "concept album" that really makes all of those highly touted ones of the hippydippy era wilt into one big lump o' lysergic miasma. Tapping heavily into the Southern (and generally rural) USA small town mindset, Hazlewood narrates and then sings about the people one could find in the mythical burgh of Trouble, from the messed upstairs kid to the ugly 'un and the gorgeous gal, coming off way more sincere and "right at'cha" 'n Alan Parsons ever did. Simple acoustic backdrop gives this that extra Friday Night Grange Hall Meetin' sorta stature. As a bonus there are some earlier country-esque singles done by Hazlewood under another moniker, a track with Duane Eddy and his Orchestra, and an old promo EP where he tells the story of his life in a way only some real down-to-earth country guy untouched by the taint of urban sophistication ever could.
Guitar Wolf-KUNG FU RAMONE CD-r burn (originally on Bag of Hammers Records)

Sheesh, did I hear this one before? I think so----way way back. The Link Wray covers sure do sound familiar and that overdrive chugga churn comes off like every other thing I've experienced by this Japanese rockascreamer these past thirty or so years (or so it seems---when you get to be my age everything seems like it either happ'd yesterday or during the signing of the Magna Carta). But whaddeva, getting a dose of Wolf's retro-rehash (which sounds like the "aux" position on your stereo amplifier was turned on) continues to do wonders with my aching spirit which, with some effort, continues to squeeze whatever feral worth there is outta this music long after for all intent purposes my soul shoulda been dead 'n buried!
Los Mockers-THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS CD-r burn (originally on Cobra Records)

Uruguay's answer to the Rolling Stones, 'n they do a good job living up to the image what with the singer's weirded-out Mick Jagger style and the bloozy tracks that don't sound like they were recorded at Chess to me, but the feeling is there. I guess that if they couldn't get the Stones to trek to South Ameriga groups like these were the next best thing. Too bad some enterprising hustler could'nt've brought 'em up these parts if only to appear on an episode of LLOYD THAXTON 'r sumpin'.
Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis-1946-1947 CD-r burn (originally on Classics Records, France)

Bebop that really gets the body movin' even more'n when Shemp acknowledged the presence of Mr. B. Bopper! Yas!!!! Too lazy to do some Googlin' to get some more info re. this saxophonist's background (whaddaya think this blog is s'posed to be, a fifth grade term paper even if it reads like one????) but the postwar smooth approach is not only moving enough for a decidedly non-jazzbo type like me (meaning I listen to the music for ALL THE WRONG REASONS!) but points the way for future developments. Especially of the kind that the bebop generation certainly did not approve of but seems all so LOGICAL from a sixtysome-year hindsight. Remember, 2019 is the SEVENTIETH ANNIVERSARY of the Buddy DeFranco Band's rendition of George Russell's "A Bird in Igor's Yard" which is to many the first easily-enough categorized avant jazz recording tho personally I beg to differ.
Mako Sica-MANIFEST BEING LP (Feeding Tube Records)

Druggy, almost ritualistic music from this rather creative trio who also have a double disc spinner on Feeding Tube. The sections with the trumpet kinda remind me of Bobby Beausoliel's LUCIFER RISING soundtrack in its almost religious intensity. Without the more Aquarian Age aspects of that love vision maybe, but close enough. Moody, deep and a worthy purchase for those more introverted, paranoid time in your life, and who knows---you might even like the neo-proggy slurp of it all!
Andre Williams-RHYTHM & BLUES! CD-r burn (originally on Black Rose Records)

Given this guy's recent deep six I decided to dive into my Paul McGarry pile and pluck out this recent acquisition if only for a li'l---"homage" 'r sumpin' like dat. And what a beauteous pluck it was, because even with the slick modern production and uppa date arrangements the power of that ol' music does come through. Slick it is, but Williams' natural abilities make this 'un a rather fun experience 'specially when he re-does some of those classic sides (such as his own in-part "Shake a Tail Feather") and they exude that classic hard bloozey rock sound in a world of overdone glitz. If Williams did indeed go out on making records like this he sure went out a whole lot better'n Lou Reed!

I was just thinking....three weeks back I reviewed a Dick Dale platter and he ends up dyin' shortly after, now I review a Andre Williams 'un and he does the deep six (even tho I played this 'un in "honor" of 'im, but I also got it a few weeks back before the big day)...sheesh, I detect a pattern here. I'll tell ya one thing...too bad Jay Hinman and Dave Lang don't have any platters out or else I'd be spinnin' 'em to all heck!
Herb Hardesty and his Band-THE DOMINO EFFECT CD-r burn (originally on Ace Records, England)

Smooth (mostly) instrumental jazz/blues that shoulda scored a top forty hit during the early sixties but it hadn't and we're all the worse for it. Too bad they dint, or else one of these track mighta popped up on GOLDEN GOODIES VOLUME THIRTEEN or whatever that Roulette album was which repackaged more and more old Morris Levy-owned booty to milk it for all it was worth. Not bad for wheezing those everyday blues outta your overworked system with its steady driving sound that (as they used to say) will appeal to the old turdburgers out there as well as the young fanablas amongst us.

It's got that zazz that I like! Noted paedo Rolf Harris endorsing Mcclean's toothpaste, a faithful cover of "Walk, Don't Run", The Amazing Kreskin bolstering up the egos of naive twelve-year-olds into thinking they too can read minds and get the better of their teachers, stuff like that. Sure Gaitley and Fitzgerald are rather wimpy with their X-mas ode, but there are plenty of hotcha tracks like a couple from some p-rockers I never heard of before (Innocent Vicars) as well as the usual treks back into the good ol' instrumental rock and pre-Mandrell country music days. High-lariousness also ensues during a radio broadcast featuring a phone call about a guy who bought an orangutan as a pet as well as an ad for Peter Max items which should bring back memories of just how everybody was riffing on his style until it became unpopular overnight! Gotta say one thing tho...Shasta Cola...ecch!
C'mon, you know you want them. It's not like you have to read 'em on a plane or the bus where some nut'll start screamin' at you for it. Get your back issues of BLACK TO COMM here, and if you want we can send them in a plain brown wrapper.

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