Thursday, November 29, 2018


Sterrett's POLLY AND HER PALS sure was one of them comic strips I could really sink my soul into, and thankfully a number of collections featuring the likes of Sam Perkins (the real star of the show and ya better believe it!) and his fambly have come out over the years and are relatively easy to find. And although these IDW "Essentials" ain't quite my cup o' Dr. Pepper what with their awkward style and an air of "this is ART yer readin'---be APPRECIATIVE of it!" to the thing at least I'm gettin' the comics, and at this point in time that's all I want and like, why should I quibble?

Although its the Sunday full-page POLLYs that get the critical huzzas the dailies weren't anything to catapult snot at, and these '33 efforts show just what kinda bastion of FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY the funnies used to be well before things like social consciousness and female artists began permeating the page. Trtue these ain't got the catch you off guard gags like you used to find in NANCY, but their droll and witty nature, coupled with that old-styled yet wacky art make POLLY just as much a classic as all those other comics you wish your local paper would print, only they haven't been making cartoons like this for over eighty years!

Interesting storylines here kidding everything from yogis, fish tanks, wimmen in pantsuits, pet dogs and even an extended romp where the entire cast moves to a farm! And the year ends on this really strange yet well-done note where none other'n Santa the C himself turns everybody into toys so they can enjoy the holiday season in the proper frame of kiddie-addled fun! Great art, witty punchlines and if yer shocked to the core of your being by the maid and handyman (Liza and Cocoa respectively) then you probably hate Angelfood McSpade as well!

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