Thursday, October 04, 2018


Hokay, I'll start off with the obvious jokes about how Mansfield was once two of the biggest stars in Hollywood who won many an award from the American Dairy Council and how a mountain range was named after her (the Grand Tetons). But there was another Jayne, a girl who liked to head off to Europe to check out the wild life before trekking back to New York to catch a transvestite beauty pageant and the topless life in El Lay which must have been fun for alla you boys who got treated to suckem-showing ice cream vendors (wonder how their milk shakes tasted). And like, who could forget those window washers working out inna sun inna right and natural way we all wished those jiggling young things would appear! Sheesh, back in late-sixties Californicate all you budding adolescents guys needed for a good time was a good pair of binoculars and plenty of Vaseline Intensive droopoids outta NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC for you kids nohow!

But eh, it's a fun enough flick if you like your sexiness nice and sixties and cheezy with corny Europeanesque music playing throughout. If it weren't for the concentration on Eyetalian guys who like to pinch gals onna hiney to French nightclubs featuring once-risque dances (and if it weren't for the bountiful butts 'n boobs on display), this could pass as a typical travelogue film that would have been seen on Sunday afternoon television throughout the sixties and seventies. Of course if THE WILD WILD WORLD was aired in its natural state you can bet that an opening for a new program director at the station would be popping up like pronto!

Eh, it's good enough sixties-styled fun all topped off with a heart-wrenching finale where hubby #2 Mickey Hargitay and two of the boys wander around Jayne's mansion and reminisce about the good ol' days. A nice and touching way to cool off after seeing all that sex and debauchery goin' on, but thankfully the closing shot of a revealing bust of Jayne brings everything back into true focus

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, nice to see this mentioned, a great piece of mondo trash complete with a dubbed in impersonation of Jayne...

Recommended and also available on YT.