Saturday, March 31, 2018

Hey, tomorrow's Easter, or as I like to say Eas-turd given my colo-rectal mindset, and I hope you have fun at the local Chinese restaurant eating all of those egg rolls like you should during this rather solemn day of the year. Yeah, those days of chocolate bunnies and my dog Sam diggin' into the Easter baskets and almost dying of chocolate poisoning are long gone, but at least we still have our memories and other funtime reminiscences to keep us goin' which I'm sure helps out. I always liked the holiday because, as I once said awhile back, if Easter is here can summer vacation be far behind and y'know, I still have those weird memories of Easter breaks past like the time I was in the Grants department store the day after and saw the Blues Magoos' PSYCHEDELIC LOLLIPOP album on display thinking that the cover looked really cool and I'm sure the sounds contained within were as well. Of course all I ever got outta the day was a model airplane kit and a jaw-breaker but sheesh, do those weird outta nowhere memories come flashing back like potrzebie!
IS MY SPHINCTER EVER GONNA UN-CLENCH??? DEPARTMENT: Since this is my blog I can gab about whatever I want, and heck that might include a whole lotta things that really don't fit in with music or "the ahts" or at least "the ahts" as defined from a BLOG TO COMM standard which probably differs from the one set up by ART IN AMERICA magazine. (Meaning, the painting is only as good as the nude lady who posed for it and the artist's abilities to capture those bullseyes and bellybuttons just right! And please don't skimp on the fur!) Which is why, during these holiest of times, I feel like wretching up a few things regarding THE SAD AND SORRY STATE OF AFFAIRS THAT IS PASSING FOR POLITICAL DISCOURSE OR WHATEVER YA WANNA CALL IT THESE DAYS! And I am kinda grumbling, first at the trek the oft-loathed Donald Trump presidency is taking what with all of the big goofs and gaffes that have been happening as of late (lessee...the hiring of that terminal left over John Bolton, the signing of that huge spending bill as if we really do need a stronger military these days, the banning of bump stocks which bugs my absolutist core...sheesh, you'd think he was George Bush III or somethin'!) and then at alla those gun control moronic kids who'll follow whatever  progressive (hah!) lead their hippoid teachers point their li'l snouts in. I mean, what kinda kid in their right mind LISTENS to their teacher inna first place?

And frankly, like between you and me, the real problem ain't the subject of gun control which is something that perhaps can be discussed without turning into Bomba the Jungle Boy, but that of the overbearing SANCTIMONY that's being spewed out and being passed off as honest stick-it-to-the-man protest and rabble rousing!

Gawd do I abhor that professional drama queen David Hogg who raises armchair high school social consciousness to levels un-reached since the days of THE TRIAL OF BILLY JACK...after getting a dose of just one minute of this guy's snootier-than-thou prattle I always end up wishing that the worst outlaw biker gang in the world would pounce upon the guy and knock some testosterone into him and thus puberty might set in. What a precious petunia Hogg is, in fact he's one to make most of the competition wilt in comparison with his Lt. Fuzz-level ferociousness and mock black power salute right outta prime Jane Fonda. The way Hogg's wedged his way into the whole sordid affair (find a crisis and CASH IN ON IT!!!) I'm surprised he hasn't come out in favor of banning DENNIS THE MENACE and sling shots given how down pat precocious this pampered performer is. One thing I wanna know is...who in the first place let this 'tardo get up and spew his mouth as if his pearls have the same value as say...a studied expert's??? (Don't answer, I know who---he and his HANDLERS!)

And don't get me started on Emma Gonzales, who you can tell just by looking at her has a reek that coulda leveled more students than that shooter ever could. And while I'm at it, don't those defiant pouts on these proud missies just make you want to shudder in abject fear??? (Well. they do, but not in the fashion that these gals intended ifyaknowaddamean...) Sheesh, how far down we've come not only since Frankie Darrow and Leo Gorcey defined the spirit of youth in revolt but since the last gasp of true teenage revolution via the Sex Pistols and Black Flag! And how those groups (who actually epitomized the best aspects of youth goin' out and doing what they wanted without the prodding of the grownups) were universally loathed and called evil while this swill is considered the peak of perfection remains way beyond the realm of human comprehension!

And while we're at it DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE SNOOTY CLIQUE-ISH KIDS AT THAT SCHOOL WHO STARTED THE WHOLE THING BY BEING THE INSUFFERABLE SHITS THEY MOST TRULY ARE. After all, wasn't it Gonzales herself who, in response to various statements about just how out-of-the-outkid loop shooter Nikolaus Cruz was and that maybe if the kids at the high stool treated him a li'l better he wouldn't have gone on his rampage, spouted something along the line that Cruz wasn't the kind of guy you'd want to go near and that anyone with a brain avoided him like a flea bath because he was like, a creep! Hoo-boy, ain't that the sentiment of my high school classmates and teachers towards me summed up just perfectly! Sheesh, after having to have endured the same kind of attitudes from my "betters" during all those years of education all I gotta say is I WISH CRUZ WOULDA SHOT MORE PIGS BECAUSE IF THEY'RE LIKE YOU EMMA, THEY DESERVE NOT ONLY A PAINFUL DEATH BUT WHATEVER TOASTY AFTERLIFE THEY'LL GET FOR THEIR SNOOTY, UPPERCRUST ATTITUDES TOWARDS THEIR FELLOW STUDENTS! As I said in an earlier post didn't Cruz do what just about every picked-on hammered-on repeatedly-mocked suburban slob would have loved to have done but couldn't because of the lack of knowledge regarding weapons or moolah to buy them inna first place or general chicken-ness or most of all fear of family shame (remember that?).

And to think that these nose-ringed piglets are the so-called FUTURE of this once fun and jamz nation I live in! Sheesh, where the heck is our Generation Indentitaire or for that matter Golden Dawn anyway? Sure could use something along those truly threatening lines rather'n the usual piddling band-aid responses to bursting arteries we've been subject to for eons already. Lemme tell ya, from now on it's all out (I was merely doing 99.999...%) LOATHING for you all...nothing but MURDOCH MURDOCH videos, TYRONE RAGE cartoons and GAB I'll tell ya. And if anyone can give me the address of the local Falange Party I most certainly would appreciate it.
Welp, here's this week's batch of freshly brewed beauts I managed to whip up for your betterment. Please note that I did not pay for ONE SINGLE DISQUE reviewed this week and that these aforementioned platters were actually DONATED by the likes of Bill Shute and Paul McGarry, two people who know a lost cause when they see one.  Sheesh, with people like Bill and Paul (not to mention Bob) around to pick up the bill who needs money around here anywah, not that there's much I feel like parting with my filthy lucre for these sad 'n sorry times!

Claus Ogerman and his Orchestra-SOUL SEARCHIN' CD-r burn (originally on RCA Victor Records)

With a name like Claus Ogerman I thought this album was gonna be filled with a buncha marches of a Teutonic nature guaranteed to put a smile on Herman Goering's face. But hey, I was wrong. This Ogerman guy plays e-z listening stereofied blooze-y jazz that woulda put a smile on my Horst Jankowski and Bert Kaempfert-listening uncle's face had he given this 'un a go. This effort features a whole load of Hammond organ-led instrumentals with the proper amount of strings and brass to beef the whole thing up to FM-stereo circa 1966 listening levels, and if I were some old fogey back then I probably woulda spent my moolah on a collection of Jan Garber albums but hey, that's my problem!
Charlie Parker-THE COMPLETE DIAL SESSIONS, DISC 1 CD-r burn (originally on Stash Records)

Bill Shute said he was gonna come over my house and make me the mezzo-soprano I never was with his bare hands if I didn't review this new Parker box set, but given the time constraints on such a major project I thought maybe I should do it like piece meal, hokay? Anyhoo the first part of this collection of crucial Parker platters and such features rare takes and even fragments that woulda gotten an "unsatisfactory" in any bootleg discography extant, but since these are so important to us I guess we do have the right to listen in no matter how lousy they come off. Hot bop versions of everything from such notables as "Yardbird Suite" to "Ornithology" not to mention the infamous "Lover Man" in what sounds like a different take than the drug addled squeal that made jazz history while nobody seemed to be looking.

Four fifteen-minute wowzers here (well, the second and third 'un's are actually the same show!) which go to remind ya of just how professional radio news commentary was, and just how staid and tiring it has become in the interim. Postwar tirades tackle everything from communists to the social page with total elan. Coulda used some more background on the situations at hand (like, what was the jab at TIME magazine which closes out the 12/19/48 edition all about anyway?) but I will say that one listen to Winchell only makes me GLAD that the likes of Peter Jennings and Brian Williams ain't readin' the newscasts anymore, not that their spawn are any better y'know.
George Jones and the Jones Boys-RADIO JAMBOREE CD-r burn (originally on United Artists Records)

Fans of the old country before it got all new and glitzy (or even fans of the old country before it got all Barbara Mandrelled outta existence) would do well by picking this 1963-vintage recording up. Jones stays sober enough to deliver twennysome steel guitar and fiddle-twanged tales of woe and other typical down and out country sentiments, finally taking some time out to do a li'l rejoicing on the snappy "I'm Gonna Sing Sing Sing". To close this 'un out with yet another rock critic (not that I am one!) cliche, lemme just say that your typical hot country/Nashville Network fan should be shackled to a chair and forced to listen to this until he learns what REAL country music is s'posed to be!

More Armed Forces Radio slush, this time with Robert Q. Lewis (who was much better on those Screen Gems sitcoms like THE HATHAWAYS and BEWITCHED) hosting a buncha up-and-coming singers doing their usual early-fifties tin pan alley pap, while Lum 'n' Abner host a country and western show with a whole slew of that downhome humor that I'll bet even Ernest T. Bass thought was strictly cornballus. I'd hate to have been some soldier stuck in a muddy foxhole forced to listen to this when I could have been enjoying something a bit more pertinent to my nodes like say, Pyonyang Patti.

Well this one is a vast improvement o'er the above and woulda kept me from crossing the DMZ with hands swinging in air. Tex Williams provides a fifteen-minute show live at Knott's Berry Farm (we never went there on any of our California vacations because we were told it was a tourist trap...we went to Disneyland tho!) featuring a train robbery skit which I believe was taken from an actual attraction as well as a variety of musical numbers that don't make for instant ipecac ifyaknowaddamean. The Christmas Eve show does make for some fine listening what with the variety of jazz tracks from the likes of Diz and Hampton to even the on-the-way-out Benny Goodman, but man does that bopster patter irritate to no end! Sounds as phony as a piece of currency with Barney Frank's picture on it which makes me wish that someone out there woulda given these announcers one of those issues of MAD with the cool cat jive talk stories just so's they could get at least some of it right! But hey, I'm sure the music on this 'un woulda kept our soldiers from deserting!
Various Artists-MAGIC MOSCOW FROG CD-r burn (Bill Shute)

Kinda spotty, and I do mean dalmatian, especially for one of these Bill Burns. The brief excerpt from some version of "Magic Carpet Ride" sounds like something a high school prom band circa 1974 mighta whipped up, while Gil Scott-Heron never did howshallIsay zone me with his power to the people proto rap stylings. The various "In Sound" interviews with Sean Bonniwell and Jim (or was it Roger by this time?) McGuinn are nice slices of an era when rock 'n roll definitely meant more to many than it would even a few years later. However, the soul tossoffs and some daft punk by a group called Leftovers really don't make for that enjoyable a time. Neither does listening to Steve Allen plug one of the billion things he was plugging back in the eighties and nineties nor Heather Thomas rattle on about choosing the right health spa. Well, whatever that Spinal Frog thing was I liked it and the Raeletts were a whole lot more exciting than I'm sure most naysayers would have thunk!


Michael Layne Heath said...

If you were smart, you wouldhave sussed the fact that what Emma Gonzalez was ripping up was a gun target bullseye, not the Constitution. Photoshopped by death party supporting idiots.
The only difference sometimes I think between idiots like them and you is that your record collection is more interesting.

That's not a compliment.

And if you don't agree, go scribe hurtful scheisse and as you have done with other perceived enemies from your pitiful Pennsy bunker, pictures of anal warts or whatever you want.

By the by, Chris...
Speaking as an outsider, what DO you think of the human race?


Anonymous said...

Black Flag were commies. Your precious MC5 were commies. You're a commie. (Westbrook Pegler)

Christopher Stigliano said...

To mlh---you must be dense to be dense to think I didn't know that Gonzalez was tearing up a target that was cleverly photoshopped to look like the Constitution...after all, I copped the "meme" off THE DAILY STORMER which ran with the article about certain parties wanting the doctored image taken down. I much prefer the new version if only for its accuracy.

But then again you yourself prove what I said about how subjects such as this can be discussed without going into a total rage and in fact how the article was NOT necessarily about gun control but about the anti-gun sanctimony that has been in full force these days. After all it was you who got triggered over a rather clever pixel edit that says more about the overall question at hand than most commentaries I have seen this past month.

And that last line----cute. Reminds me of those one-liners that Joe Friday would toss out at some evil doer at the end of a scene on DRAGNET. Real cutting....I can just hear the "Dum Da Dum Dumm"'s charging in!

As for anon. (as if I didn't know who you are!), Black Flag were not commies as far as I can tell since they were too decadent to be true communists, and the MC5 were dupes of John Sinclair and not really full fledged party members. But I do understand your sentiments!

Anonymous said...

"Speaking as an outsider..." is a John Cooper Clarke line. What's my prize?!

Christopher Stigliano said...

Being the last human being on this earth who REMEMBERS who John Cooper Clarke was.

Anonymous said...

Wow you really are a pathetic little man like Ken indicated years ago. It takes quite a man to attack kids for their still forming political views, particularly ones that survived an ordeal that a keyboard jockey like yourself has probably never even come close to. I know that hate flavor is tasty but there are lots of others in life. Maybe you wanna get around to those someday.

Christopher Stigliano said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christopher Stigliano said...

Uh---the big mouthed kids who are "forming their political views" were nowhere near the massacre as you put it. They're just liberal darlings that were puffed up by the media to push the hip and with it anti-gun agenda so big with those typical armchair activist types (like yourself...not as fitting as "keyboard jockey" but what-the-hey...). And as for "forming" their views well...I guess they need a little more forming before they become coherent to what I believe SHOULD pass for normal thought, whatever that may be these sad and sorry days.

Oh those poor little kids...basking in the spotlight and all a-shudder of being attacked especially when their opines certainly lend themselves to ridicule. They can (as I have against various defamatory statements directed against me) defend themselves all they want, but as long as those media darlings want to capitalize on a tragedy in such a way they BETTER expect to be placed under the microscope and be scrutinized for all to see. And anti-gun mouthpieces are no exception, no matter how "gender fluid" they may be.

And yeah, that hate flavor sure is tasty. I'm POSITIVE that you gobble down a whole LOT of it (as your note implies) as does CNN, NBC, ABC... Don't eat too much, OK?

Christopher Stigliano said...

A good one for you to read Anon., and whoever else might be tuning in.

Anonymous said...

Stigliano is part of the vast commie conspiracy. Sheesh, that's why I love him! (Ms Hillary Rodham)

Christopher Stigliano said...

Just discovered my "dense to be dense to think" gaffe...laugh it up boys!