Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Well it is kinda smaller'n it used to be but wha' th', because we're gonna be getting three of these rags a year and let's just say three UGLY THINGS per annum sure beats 26 ROLLING STONEs during the same time span. But we knew that already...after all ever since Mike Stax decided to put his fingers to typewriter UGLY THINGS has been thee magazine to read, and let's just be gracious that this stellar mag is roaring on while lesser ones (like my own crudzine) petered out like that last fart you tried to get outta your rectum trying to make it twenty inna row which is something that I unfortunately was never able to do!

At least the contents are enough to get me slobberin' like Sam watching me eat my dinner what with the cover stories on the Weirdos ('s about time!) who never did get their just reckoning outside of some old BOMP articles and an interview with Paul Samwell-Smith, perhaps me least favorite Yardbird because he well...he did produce Cat Stevens which is one reason that Peter Asher is my least favorite Peter and Gordon (just look at who he produced!). But ah, it was a good 'un so why be picky.

Really gripping was the piece on Custom Fidelity Records, one of those vanity-type labels where you could make your own album and be the hit of your high school sub-clique as well as the one regarding Robert Bensick, whose FRENCH PICTURES IN LONDON album is one important mid-seventies Cle document that it's better to have heard now than later. I hope some of Bensick's other acts like Claw get the release treatment soon...who knows? Also boffo is the interview with Jymn Parrett of DENIM DELINQUENT fame...sure glad to see this guy getting his just dues for all he's done because he is one guy who pioneered the entire rock 'n roll fanzine idiom and maybe for that he deserves a steak dinner at your expense!

And of course there's the reg'lar reads like the various review sections filled with items I certainly couldn't afford to buy as well as the usual columns that are pretty nerve-tingling in their own way (my fave being Cyril Jordan's year by year Flamin' Groovies histoire). And given the relatively low price you'll have to pay for this (at least put in terms of 2016 currency rates as opposed to those a good fifty years from now) I can't think of a better way to spend your money and get such a good amount of fun and games in return. I mean, what do you wanna spend it on...UNCUT???

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