Thursday, August 25, 2016


Hey it's the last MIDNIGHT volume and guess what!?!?!? Jack Cole is back and although I do like Paul Gustavson's work and all it's sure nice seeing Cole once again penciling his creation and writing the stories in his inimitable crazed style! If you like the way PLASTIC MAN turned out during the postwar years with those slinky and sexy gals as well as creepy villains who look like THREE STOOGES rejects you'll really like this 'un! This one is so true to the PLASTIC MAN credo of nutty if viscous storylines that even (none other than) Woozy Winks makes a cameo in one saga! 

Not only that but the reproduction is a whole lot better'n the previous volume which is sure a sight for my sore orbs! Unfortunately there is one major flub, mainly that one of the stories has its last two pages reversed which did add up to some late night mental confusion on my part, but other'n that this one is a pretty hot document of MIDNIGHT's final days, which were pretty doozy-filled in that inimitable PLASTIC MAN style!

Sure it's sad to see this series come to an end, but as with the EC library and various other comic reprint endeavors I'm sure glad that I got to read the entire run of this, something which would have only been a wild dream (the kind you don't have to change your underwear after) that I never thought I would have had the opportunity to experience during my early-teenbo comic book gobbling days. As the old moom pitcher line goes, maybe I can now rest a little easier knowing that I've been able to experience these comics en toto even if those missing pages from volume 3 did screw up the fulfillment a bit. 

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