Thursday, July 21, 2016


Yup, that's Wild Bill Hiccup himself Guy Madison looking more like some snooty kid you went to school with all grown up and sporting a bad toupee playing a corrupt Spanish governor trying to get hold of a vast Indian treasure somewhere in the New World. Rik Battaglia's Pedro, the good guy pirate who's game is to marry rich gals and rob 'em and the wedding party blind before the magic words are spoken. And Aryan Ingebord Schoner plays the half-breed princess queen who is in charge of the humongous booty (talking treasure, not hindquarters) that both Madison and Battaglia would love to get their hands on (hindquarters included), In between the plot Madison and Battaglia are trying to get rid of each other via some pretty hotcha fight scenes, including one where Madison is whipping a chained up Battaglia who manages to get the whip outta Madison's mitts and does some pretty convincing flagellating himself!

Actually this isn't a bad piece of film as fun excursion what with its straightforward plot and good ol' adventuresome nature custom made for the Saturday Afternoon Barbershop Kids crowd. Battaglia is fantastic as the heroic lead and Madison, forever etched as a wild west good guy in my mind, surprises as the heavy. And true the moom may get bogged down here 'n there but right when you're ready to get up to make a processed turkey meat sandwich things pick up and there's a wild brawl to keep you glued if only for a few more minutes. If you're looking for some moom pitcher to watch in the sanctity of your own suburban ranch house that sorta fits the time and the mood of when said house was built, you couldn't find a better film than ADVENTURER OF TORTUGA, unless you happen to get hold of the entire run of MR. NOVAK on DVD or something...

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