Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Sometimes these kraut films can be a little know, leftover SS propaganda refitted for the new 'n guilt-riddled postwar era but CONFESS, DR. CORDA! is what I would call a real deal thriller that's kept me front and center like nothing since NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRESENTS THE WIDE WORLD OF TITTIES.

Healthy young Aryan specimen Hardy Kruger plays the good anesthesiologist who seems to be having this little fling with a young nurse he's been working side-by-side and perhaps up-and-down with (this despite having a wife who sorta comes off like a Mary Tyler Moore for the Strength Through Joy crowd), only to discover her deader'n Quinlan by some river which really does shock the bejabbers outta him. Being the stoic yet sensitive sorta German that he is, Corda says nary a word about the killing until it's noticed that der fraulein hasn't been seen since last night couldn't just be a coincidence that the guy knew where her body was so soon when the entire medical staff goes looking for her, or that he was acting rather peculiar throughout the operation that morning.

Piecing a few clues together Der Gestapo the police hone in on Corda and question him for hours until they're sure enough that he's the skull-basher that they were looking for all along. Soon Mrs. Sweetness 'n Light, unable to face the fact that hubby was looking for some fresh tuna for lunch, tries to off herself before coming to the sad fact that she's been played like the bulbous boob she is. Thus she shuns her husband just like everyone else in this sorry saga leaving her herr on the brink of psychotic collapse akin to the time he was caned for taking an extra helping of strudel at the Hitlerjunge gathering.

Can't complain about this 'un a bit...the dubbing actually comes off better'n some of those whackjobs that were being made at the time, the synthesizer soundtrack is ahead of its time and the black and white film actually relates to the stark and sordid gatherings goin' on on-screen. There's none of that modern anti-morality being sprung into the dialogue either perpetuating the myth of the strong woman and ditzy dad, and if I were a member of the Academy back then I would have nominated CONFESS, DR. CORDA for an award for BEST FOREIGN PICTURE OF THE YEAR even if there aren't any black people in it!

It's that good and maybe if you're lollygagging around the house some Sunday afternoon it may pop up onna screen and if so be prepared to be affixed to the Naugahyde for a good ninety minutes and no toilet breaks!

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