Thursday, January 28, 2016

MOOM PITCHER REVIEW! CURSE OF THE DOLL PEOPLE starring Elvira Quintana and Ramon Gay (American International, 1961)

I like my moom pitchers creepy, and this one does such a good enough scare the little kids shitless job of it that had I saw this one onna boob toob circa 1963 my turdler self woulda been runnin' out the room screamin' to high heaven worse'n whenever they'd burst into programs with conelrad. A Mexican import courtesy K. Gordon Murray, DOLL PEOPLE's got a spooky dinge to it that's hard to get outta your system not only for the freakazoid camera work and dark feel, but for the midgets as killer dolls and the occult leader who looks more like Sky Saxon gone OTO if anything!

It all started innocently enough when an archaeologist snatched a sacred statue from Haiti and brought it back to Mexico because he thought it would look good in the parlor. Pretty soon the dolls (who look somewhat like the members of the archaeology team) are out and about killing not only the archaeologist but everybody connected with the trip and it all turns into one big mystery for the male and female leads who have to deal not only with those pesky dolls but this weird braided hair that keeps popping up at the scene of the crime.

Dunno if there was something lost in translation but I could swear that I had missed out on some crucial plot about halfway through making this one a bit hard to catch up with. Or maybe it was the Sunday afternoon catch up with the lag I've accumulated over the week considering how I have to WORK unlike some of you lucky ones out there. But the story really builds up and twists itself around you like these cheapies always could, and it naturally all ends in a great climax that kinda catches you by surprise though you knew something like the way this turns out woulda happened all along.

A flick that goes to show you that there actually were some pretty SEAT-GLUING films (which could even pass as "cinema" if you so desire) coming outta Mexico back then, not just that sick Luis Bunuel stuff that intellectual snoots who loathe folk such as you and me just love to drool over.

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