Thursday, December 24, 2015


Don't worry---this ain't one of those James Bond films your mom wouldn't let you watch when they were hitting the network tee-vee schedules back inna seventies! Naw, this one's a whole lot better, with less of that gloss and Hollywood ooze and more of that Euro cheapness that made many a drive in monger actually sit up and watch the screen 'stead of the action goin' on in the car next door.

One of those mainland European spy knockoffs, YPOTRON stars Luis Davila as secret agent Lemmy Logan who, after being shot up by a hidden machine gun (turns out he was testing a new bulletproof vest) is on the hunt for a missing scientist who had been kidnapped (he has a special affinity for the guy because the man saved Logan from some Nazi human testing during the Big One). Along the way Logan meets up with not only the scientist's daughter (played by the rather restrained Gaia Germani) but a whole load of especially badski types and more plot twists and added hoohahs that most of these films could stand. Of course it's fun alla way what with the action scenes and the general chaos that takes you into a climax that you never woulda guessed in a millyun years!

Not bad at all, and in fact so good because of the low budget and lack of Big Studio Pretension that's ruined many a film these past few decades. Davila's the right kinda "cool" while his sidekick is slow but not stoopid. The leading gals might not be anything to throbaroonie over but you get the feeling that they wash more than most libber types do these days, and the evil ones play it so violent amoral like that you (at times) kinda wish they'd get away with it! And of course I thought it was a good way to spend ninety minutes considering I coulda spent the same amt. of time reading old NANCY books but hey, I gotta do something outta the ordinary sometimes! 

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