Wednesday, August 19, 2015

CRUCIALLY NEEDED BY YOU MAGAZINE REVIEW! BULL TONGUE REVIEW #3 (available via Forced Exposure in case ya didn't know!)

Byron Coley sez that this issue of BTR is late (and I don't mean like your sister was even though she came home from school on time)...funny but I didn't notice the lapse between issues, but it sure is swell knowing that some periodical publishers are conscious enough to try 'n get their wares out on a timely fashion! And man what a good issue this 'un is, what with the same breed of writers we've adored for ages (Meltzer, Gregg Turner and of course Coley) intermingled with some new on the horizon types who actually prove that the Golden Age of Rock Writing did not die in the late-seventies---it just smells funny as Frank Zappa (who should have known about smelling funny) would have said.

The Coley/Thurston Moore introductory schpiel is blessed of course if only because it's one good place where you can find out about what's new and about in that same sorta underground sphere you were wallowing in a good thirty/forty years ago. Only now you can afford to buy these wares and you couldn't find 'em in a millyun years even if you wanted to!  Not too much reviewed here that I would wanna part kopecks with, but it's kinda nice seeing exactly what there is to get hold of just in case you're interested in learning about the kinda sound patterns that UGLY THINGS doesn't dare write about!

The what's up and about with the rock under-the-intelligentsia section is what really gets me dribbling, whether it be a brief segment from the likes of Meltzer on the Byrds or Chris D's moom pitcher reviews and of course Donna Lethal doing her youtube thingie three issues inna row. Some of the anecdotal  incidents work, some don't, and of course I find it a whole lot better reading about ESCAPE FROM WITCH MOUNTAIN here than I would hearing about it from your ten-year-old cousin when he saw it back 75 way. Again I gotta say that jaded me wasn't exactly champing at the bit to dish out the $$$ for most of the items that did get a royal review (which would figure considering that most of these scribbling hadda do with non-tangible matters), though the news of a Hampton Grease Band bootleg really has gotten me all hot and bothered to the point where I have been scouring the web for a copy, of course to no avail.

Pretty good magazine ya got there Coley...hope you're really on schedule with the next one because like, I gotta time my seasonal showers by SOMETHING, y'know?

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