Wednesday, July 08, 2015


This is a sick book written by one mighty diseased mind.

Of course that's why I like HOLLYWOOD GOMORRAH every cum dribble and violent belt worth of it all. We all know just how disgusting Hollywood was beneath that slick veneer, and if books like HOLLYWOOD BABYLON weren't enough to dish out the gossip its guys like bit player and tee-vee host Skip E. Lowe who lays it on the line and names the names, friends and foes alike, who made Hollywood the disturbing den of sexual sadism, sodomy and slurpdom it was and probably will remain.

And hey, this Lowe guy does a particularly good enough job at it to the point where you're never gonna be able to look at your favorite screen stars of yore the same way you had back when you were watching THE WIZARD OF OZ during its yearly CBS network run because your mother thought it would be best for you even if you were more keen on watching GILLIGAN'S ISLAND.

Considering Lowe's own place in the universe known as Tinseltown no matter how small or humble it might have been let's just say that the aging (now deceased) guy really knew about all of the inside dirt and doesn't shy away from letting us starry-eyed types be jaded over our once heroes. True a whole lotta the gossip is old news, after all we've all been aware of Marlon Brando and Wally Cox, Cesar Romero and Tyrone Power as well as Martha Raye without her dentures for decades not to mention the facts that Jimmy Durante was Mr. Nice Guy and Bing Crosby wasn't. But it's sure reaffirming to find out exactly what kinds of underhanded chicanery and sexual deviance had been going down happening in showbiz if only to make you feel all the more normal no matter what your ma and pa might say!

A good portion of this read is bound to disturb many of you readers, especially the parts when Lowe starts talking about all of the big name leading hunks he bedded and all of the disgusting story twists and asides that spurt forth from the author's memory like jiz from Ramon Navarro's manhood. Didn't know that Troy Donahue "swung that way" (he gave Lowe an unsolicited bee-jay while in a drunken rage) while George Raft's sexual proclivities pounding away on Yvette Vickers in a coffin was something I'm glad I wasn't around to experience (Lowe was!). And brother, there's more stuff like that if you really want to know which Hollywood stars you wanna love or hate!

You'll walk away disillusioned and confused. Maybe you'll wish you were there in some of the most treacherous spots in Vietnam (places Bob Hope never would go) with Lowe and Martha Raye as the two entertained Marines in ways you never thought were in their code of conduct. But whatever, HOLLYWOOD GOMORRAH is one read that will make you wanna do some bathing in Lestoil once you set this sordid saga down (and if you're a inquiring if masochistic sickoid like me you just might want to down it all in one gulp handle reading the entire book in one sitting).

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