Thursday, April 30, 2015


What sorta guy would wanna go to this nude restaurant? Maybe one who ain't that interested in looking at hotcha nude waitresses. Viva has all the sex appeal of Cloris Leachman and couldn't even turn on a Japanese soldier who's been hiding in some palm tree for eighty years! At least Bridget Berlin is slimmer here than she was in alla those seventies snaps we saw. Well, with nude gals like that its no wonder why their biggest customer just happens to be none other than the ultimate flaming faggot hisself Taylor Mead!

Was this film the inspiration for CHEERS? Ya'd kinda think so given the lack of any discernable plot and no real cohesion to the thing. Ah but that's the charm, and if you're frazzled enough to like one of those raging Andy Warhol extravaganzas you'll certainly wanna gobble this period piece (called so because both of the actresses were having periods at the time hence the presence of g-strings) that sez more about the sixties than an entire leather bound volume of ROLLING STONE ever could!
She be bad lady. She smoke.

Highlights from this Warhol tossout include Mead playing the harmonica, singing and making goony faces while Viva does her opening monologue, some guy playing some really good outta tune acoustic guitar accompanied by his equally outta tune singing, Viva chatting it up with some guy who's half-American Indian and has this wild tattoo covering his back, and Mead talking about the antiwar movement with a real-life draft dodger who actually believes that Mead is sincere about said dodger's cause! This portion of the flick is kinda funny because although Mead seems interested in the plight of the resistor he's so dunderheaded that you get the feeling that he couldn't even find Vietnam on a map!

Should be an easy enough snatch-up in case you wanna show this in your run down digs complete with all of the antique furniture falling apart pretending yer at a REAL LIFE underground film showing circa. 1967, but one thing about this nude restaurant bizness really bothers me and bothers me good! That is, I sure hope they scrubbed them seats of the booths and bar stools REALLY good! I mean, ugh!,  'specially on those hot and sweaty days when you seem to dribble no matter how hard you wipe ifyaknowaddamean...

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