Thursday, September 25, 2014

MOOM PITCHER REVIEW! SANDOK (1965) starring Richard Harrison!

Well, stranger things have happened, and they sure do in this Italian moom about an Amerigan guy who, under threat of death, steals a multi-million dollar diamond known as "the Mountain of Light" from the forehead of an idol with the assistance of a local fakir, and not only that but the Amerigan as well as everybody else in the film speaks perfect Italianese! Thankfully the results come off like the rest of those sword 'n sorcery import timefillers that used to fill out Sunday afternoon tee-vee schedules back inna seventies, and like a whole load of those crankers this'll keep you glued to the imitation Corinthian Leather at least until you have to take a quick pee break during the Smokey Bear PSA.

Not bad at all. The locale shots done up in Ceylon have the entire Southern Asian region looking cleaner'n even a Howard Johnson's, while the acting and adventure keep up a good enough pace that your mind doesn't start wonderin' as to whether or not you have an advanced calculitis test that you're supposed be studyin' for 'stead of just goofin' off in front of the tee-vee. In fact, this 'un's so good that with a change from Rome to Hollywood fifty years in advance and the usual big name acting bonanzas in the deal this could be one of them current day blockbusters that really rake in the cash. But, thank goodness, it sure ain't, it's just an Italian adventure film sans any duty other'n to entertain which is why I give the once-titled LA MONTAGNA DI LUCE all the stars in the world!

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