Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Nize li'l western here, only it ain't a western but is set in the Alps of all places. 'n it was probably filmed there too, because this 'un definitely is a dagoland production starring the Gill Man himself Don Megowan as some Amerigan guy who's building a railroad through the mountains for the Parma Government and I don't mean Parma as in PARMA PLACE either! The Austrians are having a big turdly logjam over this railroad being completed so not only do they send a couple of guys out to sabotage the job, but they gets this sexoid countess to woo Megowan while doing some durty underhanded dealings behind his manly back.  She even does a sexy dance in a body stocking to try to get his testosterone bubblin' like pea soup, but as we know these tough guys are made of stronger stuff! Well, either that or they're eyeballing the new busboy on the job.

Of course things develop to their logical conclusions and the Countess eventually falls for Megowan and he for her while the dastardly doings get even dastardlier, and it all comes to a head with the gal seeing the error of her ways and joining Our Hero in his quest to get the job done. Good thing for her, because if she stayed true to the Austrian govt. I kinda get the feeling that Megowan woulda been prone to give her a few good hard whaps on her bare behind. Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind seeing something like that, at least if it's done in a comical way!

Like you probably know by now, this is basically a wop-a-western complete with a saloon fulla dancing girl types, grubby tunnel diggers 'stead of miners, and of course a great barroom brawl and shootout only with the Austrian arny 'stead of Mexicans. So once you get over the locale this is one good settle back and get over that Saturday hangover kinda film you used to watch on Sunday afternoons on many a lowly UHF station in the tri-county area. Settle back, enjoy the Alka-Seltzer, and please don't crunch them potato chips too loud!

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