Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Dear Santa,

This is what I want. And don't give me any of that "monkey's paw" loophole crap either!

A new stereo system including turntable, speakers, tape decks (inc. 8-track so I can play my copy of Chad & Jeremy's OF CABBAGES AND KINGS), CD player, amps, the whole kahuna.

Any Golden Age of Rock Criticism-era fanzines that I ain't got, such as a complete run of SPOONFUL, NIX ON PIX, INITIAL SHOCK and SLADE PARADER which would be a good start, and while you're at it how about filling up the gaps in my ROCK ON and SHAKIN' STREET GAZETTE collections as well. (As an added bonus, how about copies of whatever articles or references there might have been, and in any language to boot that have appeared between the years '66-'75 with references to how the Velvet Underground influenced a wide variety of musical acts who would dare admit so during those brave new world times!)

Any recordings (on CD, CD-R, vinyl, tape, what-have-you) with rare underground/punk offerings guaranteed to put hair even on Kaspar Szumlak's chest. I'm mostly talking early New York rock (anything worthwhile that's played the burgh between 1972 and the present would be fine, as long as it adheres to my, er, specific requirements regarding what "high energy" music is supposed to entail), rare late-sixties Detroit/Ann Arbor post-MC5 rock (Apostles etc.), late-seventies Cleveland splatter that I've somehow missed like the Tulsa Jacks, Willie and the Criminal Secrets and the Savage Tractors, or best yet send me tapes of all the mad Velvets drone bands unheard since the late-sixties (up until the late-seventies, to play it safe). If you know who's been naughty or nice I'm sure you'll have the psychic ability to creep into my mind and flesh out my special rockist-oriented tastes in music. And maybe some truly searing heavy metal to spice things up, but please none of that ruddy HIT PARADER-sanctioned junk! If you can't find any of that, a tape of J. Neo Marvin being strangled by one of a variety of faithful BLOG TO COMM readers using a string from his guitar should suffice.

A complete set of recordings from the "freestyle jazz" series at the CBGB Lounge (2001-2005).

An entire run of Gene Ahern-penned comics from the mid-teens until his 1960 death, including all OUR BOARDING HOUSE panels and Sundays plus ROOM AND BOARD/SQUIRREL CAGE dailies/Sundays as well. (Related: fill in the gaps missing in my DICK TRACY MONTHLY/WEEKLY collection if you can!)

A gift certificate to Volcanic Tongue.

Dirty bombs to be employed in San Diego California and a certain enclave in Australia to be revealed later.

A 1962 Subaru 360 station wagon (so I can at least carry something inna back!).

A Bill Shute/Paul McGarry chapbook.

Stronger deodorant.

A subscription to CHRONICLES magazine.

A chance to locate and interview Wayne McGuire for the next issue of BLACK TO COMM.

An autographed pic of Ron Paul.

Any surviving Joe Cook film footage unseen by mine eyes.

I know this resembles a scavenger hunt more than a Christmas want list, but I know you can do your best to have everything here placed safe and sound under my tree come that fateful day. And please, don't get me any of that World Peace jive! I've had enough of that hippie drivel to last me through the next three centuries and besides, looking at the quality of peaceniks out there these days only makes me wanna dump the whole lot of 'em in the middle of the nearest hotspot and see how long they last with their college-kid chants and slogans!

Anyway, see you December 25th!



Anonymous said...

I'd bet that if you wrote a formal letter to Ron Paul's office, told him that you have read his writings and applaud his libertarian principles, and then asked for an autographed photo,
he'd probably send you one.
Then you could check one item off your wish list.
The Texas 14th Congressional District (from I-10 South along the Gulf Coast, including Galveston and Texas City) is
an interesting and beautiful place. I can see where the libertarian perspective would appeal to the hardy, independent
people who live in that area, so often hit by storms, so often having to rebuild. I wouldn't mind living in that area--I could listen to nothing but Tony Joe White, Louisiana Swamp Pop, old Houston R&B from the 50s/60s,
and of course Jandek.
As for my doing a book with Paul McGarry, life is his true artform,
but I can always ask him, and I will...just for you, OK???


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, I'm suprised this ain't on your list!:

Christopher Stigliano said...

Naw, I'll just wait until the exploding acetate inevitable bootleg of it comes out like it probably will within the year.

Anonymous said...

Dear Santa Stigliano,

What I would like for XMAS is a HIgh Six of your favorite Les Rallizes Denudes bootlegs that details in your proto-caniocal fashion why and what makes them your favorite recorings of this godhead group. I thank you muchly for turning me on to these guys and have spent many credit cards on their silver cd wares when available. ________If you still haven't gotten your hands on their House Session at Fussa Disc(split with other jap proto band Yellow) it can be ordered here: ______________The Velvet Underground Acetate can be heard on the Nothing Songs boot Ultimate Mono and Acetates, supposedly from Moe Tucker's Version of the Source. Its a must have listen . . .

Mitch Griffin said...

Tulsa Jacks! I was in Tulsa Jacks. You shoulda been there.

Christopher Stigliano said...

So, what's the story Mitch>

MitchG said...

Do I leave a post? Maybe not important enough. Anyway working on re-mixing and/or remastering stuff from Cleco circa '78 and Minneapolis, basic tracks recorded in September of "81 and vocals and overdubs in early '82. Bob Mould, Tommy Stinson, and Chris Osgood helped out. Lokking at a vinyl only release.