Friday, November 26, 2004


After going over my most recent post toastie making corrections repeatedly as I'm wont to do (I publish my scribings as soon as I make my first draft because frankly, I've lost way too many long, drawn out articles by either directing them to the "preview" page or saving them as a rough draft in order to let these pieces ruminate a bit), I've noticed that a lot of the revised posts are not being changed despite repeated editing! I have no reason as to why this is happening, so if you see some redundancies or awkward passages in any of my recent posts believe me, I've tried to make these changes and over and over for that matter but they just won't stick! Also, I've noticed words missing from some early posts making them look really illiterate which isn't hard to do with my writing but believe it or not, I do strive for better. I think all this bugaboo is a result of the virus that affected my computer in the past which linked up certain words and did all sorts of screwy things to my blog but I have no proof of any of this. So while reading these oldies keep alla this in mind, and I will try to correct every little deletion and gaffe when the times is ripe and this blog isn't giving me more grief.

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