Saturday, September 25, 2004

THE LAST WORD ON "DON RETTMAN" (at least from me)

Contrary to the half-baked musings and opinions of a few people whose lives are so shallow that they have to read certain blogs in order to feel "with it," I would like, in fact, love to state that I am NOT the mysterious "Don Rettman" who has been posting inflammatory items about Jay Hinman on his award-winning Agony Shorthand weblog. True, some of you may doubt it especially after this "Rettman" character linked up this very site on a recent posting (probably because of the criticism of Your Highness Hinman in my previous post), but I swear on a stack of BLACK TO COMM back issues that I am not this mysterious being who has been making life miserable for Our Hero Jay. In my defense, I must honestly state that I have no personal, first-hand knowledge regarding any of the sordid details of which Hinman has been alledged to have participated in and in which he may even practice at this late a date (which frankly is his business and nobody else's, just as long as he's totally ashamed over such bestial acts which probably could still get him arrested in a number of states and local counties). I am not sure as to how this imitation "Rettman" character seems to know all of the intimate details of such a depraved, disturbing lifestyle, but we're all grown up, mature adults and what Hinman chooses to do in the privacy of his own bedroom, stall or cubicle is his own business and his alone! Believe me, I would love to know about all of the disgusting, perverted things this man is alleged to have done/still does for all I know, but unfortunately I am not privy to such information.

Sorry to disappoint all you alternative-minded losers out there. I'll have a REAL post for you tomorrow.

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