Sunday, June 20, 2004

HOPE YOU LIKE THE NEW, STYLISH LOOK OF THIS BLOG, complete with a different subtitle which I thought was much better than the original which was way too stodgy to begin with. I also managed to slap a comment box in here somewhere, but for some reason it doesn't appear after each posting like I wished (and it should've!) but at the BOTTOM OF THE PAGE for some odd reason. I'm going to work on getting the comment box to appear where it oughta (finding my away around the template is a pretty confoosin' task for someone as computer-doltish as I am!), and if any of you fans out there have some ideas as to how this situation can be rectified in a way a mentally-deficient six-year-old or myself for that matter can handle it please let me know asap! Until then you'll hafta go way way down the page in order to let your innermost feelings about my opinions be made public, but anyway, if you have a comment you'd like to make on anything related to a certain post or this blog or BLACK TO COMM in general feel free to do so...if it steps outside the bounds of taste I'll merely edit it out, ruthless censor that I am. Have fun out there, and whatever you do, don't take my last post too seriously, but take it seriously enough!!!

In the meanwhile, I lost the archives setting somehow, so tough luck if your're looking for an older post. Will work on this as well!