Sunday, May 30, 2004

Oh yeah...and one more thing...

Is there really such an abstraction as "positive discrimination" in this world of ours??? I guess in today's doublespeak times the "post-communist" elites do believe there are many who deserve to be discriminated against, but then again, I'm sure that anyone who pays lip service to such doggeral also believes in "equality," only their constituents are just "a little more," no make that "a lot more" equal than everybody else. As if we were all "equal" to begin with. As I said long ago, midgets don't play on basketball teams and the amoral have no right to claim they are as moral as the good and decent folk that these "above us all" types love to lambaste in their literature, art and music. You know the breed I'm talking about, the same pointy-heads who will rattle off such inanities as "Oh, he's a moral person...he married her in the delivery room!" while coming down hard on every minor infraction real or imagined at the hands of middle-America as a sign of pure wickedness. Really, I didn't know that Natural Law was ever repealed, but after reading more and more of these self-anointed, know enough for ALL of us "libertarians" you'd sure think it was!

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