Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gee, I have been feeling rather worried these past few dayze. So many things up and about to bother me to the point where I've only had about five hours of sleep these past two nights (well, it does give me an excuse to watch YOGI BEAR at five inna morn), the least of which is the current brouhaha involving tee-vee cook Paula Deen. You know what I'm gabbin' about, the poor choice of a certain word that rhymes with the name of Roy Rogers' horse that she used about two decades back which I would like to print en toto if only to come off like a First Amendment cheerleader but am too chickenhearted to even think of doing  lest the more politically pious than thou crowd do me in for good (go here for a less cowardly exercise). Not sure why, but I find these sanctimonious purges to be the ultimate in hypocrisy, especially when the upper-echelon pitchfork crowd who are now dealing it hard to Deen are the same ones who cry to heaven only when people of their own monochromatic value system get the spiritual guillotine...when somebody on my side gets it and gets it good you can betcha they're gonna be looking the other way or better yet make up excuses as to why we deserve it throwing in all sortsa socio/psycho mumbo jumbo to prove their point!

I must say that I do feel under pressure myself...I mean, just like night I was listening to the Electric Eels doing that live "Spinach Blasters" number, and I have spun tracks by Guns 'n Roses including the one that only got them into tepid water in the nineties long before postmodern Stalinism became ingrained into the kultural landscape. And of course how could we forget the Last Poets, though they do have a pass if only due to skin color and radical credentials. I even saw that version of HUCKLEBERRY FINN with the gee-I-always-thought-he-was-a-nice-guy Tony Randall using that very word a few times which did have a certain charge to it back when I saw it in the early-seventies. (Didn't even Ed Asner mutter it in one of his pre-MARY TYLER MOORE film appearances?) And I still remember that SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE skit with Chevy Chase doing a word association test with Richard Pryor that escalated from "black" to "colored" to "jigaboo" all the way up to the Big Kahuna which I recall got way more laughs than catcalls, if any. Talk about guilt by association...and given how many times I've heard people in the "fanzine" business toss this word at me in the course of private conversation all I can say is that boy have I got the goods on you, buster!

Given just how often I've heard "******" (to play it x-tra safe) uttered by the oldsters while growing up you could say that I was overexposed to that 'un along with a whole slew of anglo-saxon faves guaranteed to get one pounced upon by people both black and white...and although I'm sure some may disagree I don't think any of the ones spewing forth the "bomb" were apt to be personally discriminatory towards black folk considering they were of a persuasion that was being discriminated against and openly as well!

Given the bloodthirstiness and glee which the enlightened rulers love to destroy all gadflies great and small I wonder if the whole passel of us won't be lined up against the wall for being associated with that word no matter what context it may have been used in. (But then again, I just wonder how many times that dreaded word has passed from the lips, whether in jest or anger or "quoting" for that matter, by the very nabobs who are at this very moment nailing Deen down hard 'n heavy!)  No wonder they aren't showing any of the old ALL IN THE FAMILYs no mo'...not that this certain word was exactly a part of the dialogue but given Archie Bunker's typical exclamations I'm sure a whole load of emotionally distraught teenage gals of all races would ball their eyes out given they've never heard themselves described in such graphic terms!

'n while I'm at it, howzbout that Supreme Court homofagual as Bunker'd call it thingie from a few days back? Yeah, howzbout it!!! Not that the ruling makes that much of a difference in what is transpiring now at least until the next wishy washy court ruling, but I must admit that seeing sexual miscreants whose only goals in life is to live from orgasm to orgasm* hugging and slobbering all over each other after learning about the decision  has really helped me cut back on the calories! I often wonder about the painstaking troubles that the lavender-drenched Huffington Post take to find all of those shriveled up eighty-plus-year-old dykes getting married anyway since I could never conceive of there being that many out there outside of an Episcopalian women's club. Sure hate to even think of those masses of wrinkles, tit 'n gut sag, skin tags, irregular moles and age blotches doing the cunnilingus game let alone conjure up in my mind what the uterine refuse they're gleefully lapping up must taste 'n smell like! And you thought gynecology would be fun....ewwwwwwwwwww.

At least I've learned one good thing after living through the past few decades of rampant sexual bludgeoning and that is...if it ain't about holy wedded  procreation I don't even wanna KNOW about it! Thanks a lot, liberationists!

What else is there to gab about other'n the George Zimmerman murder trial! I haven't been saying much about this on the blog or perhaps even elsewhere because frankly, I'm not too sure what happened either even though it seems as if every tee-vee and radio commentator not to mention newspaper editorialist sure does! IMHO, I will admit to you that I believe if Mr. Z in fact did use excessive force or whatever it was in his kerfuffle with Trayvon Martin he ought to pay the ultimate price, or at least get a 20% discount. Nothing strange there, but as far as "coloring" my opinions of the entire affair go what really galled me from the beginning of the entire mess was the outpouring of sloppy, saccharine, kneejerk sympathy for Trayvon and unbridled rage for Zimmerman  based on a purely prima facie emote that really brought all of the Mike and Gloria Stivics out there outta the woodwork. Y'know, the political cartoons, "relevant artwork" (the one with Zimmerman as a cloaked KKK member ready to shoot a childlike Trayvon holding his Skittles 'n Iced Tea being a particular ass-twister) and self-righteous puffed up outrage that were being pumped out as if these enlightened ones somehow had a psychic line straight to what actually happened that fateful night.

Of course the overblown hyperbole comparing this situation to the Emmett Till one really had my head spinning for a few days...and I thought late-seventies liberalism had died out sometime in the mid-eighties! Couple that with all of those blacks who are now giving their children "The Talk" about the reality of police profiling and being generally distrustful of the entire white race while conveniently forgetting to mention that behaving like Nathan McCall and his pals slamming a white kid until he was beyond crying isn't exactly the proper way to behave and you know we all have a fun and frolicking future to look forward to, eh?

Overtly bleedheart tee-vee analysts were also doing their darndest fanning the flames in the name of self-righteous indignation, and of course what kind of racial tinderbox of a crisis would it be without Al Sharpton hanging around throwing his highly respected views around? Gee, with these people out and about hollering and hooting (and conveniently forgetting facts or altering them to snugly fit into their own personal views), I begin to wonder how anyone with a healthy sense of sneer could not wish and pray that Zimmerman was acting in self-defense, if only to get these raving morons to crawl back to their community centers until the next big crisis arrives!

Frankly at this point I dunno how the trial's gonna turn out even if the star witness was obviously luded out of her mind on the stand, but I'm pretty sure that the curmudgeons I've read onna web are gonna be right...if Zimmerman gets outta this intact he's gonna be hit with an Eric Holder (the new Larry Tate)-helmed "wrongful death" suit and so many other legal hoo-hahs to make his sidewalk-pounded head spin for years on end. Somehow I get the impression he's sure wishing he called off sick that fateful night, kinda like I sure wish I played hookey on that day I got sent to the principal's office for saying something nasty about income tax filing!

And who can forget the riots which are already getting readied up if Zimmerman beats the rap making for a replay of all of those late-sixties ones I used to see on the news as a kid only intensified about ten times! My only hope is that the trial lingers on until January and the verdict is read on the coldest day of the year...I mean, who wants to burn down their own neighborhood in sub-zero weather?

AND NOW...a sentence guaranteed not to offend anyone regardless of race, creed or wherever you stick it or have it sticked in, carefully crafted within the guidelines set forth by some of the brighter minds in education and media who certainly look down upon whatever utterance folks like myself who dare stray from the reservation of nice 'n happy thoughts of a world where we can all felch in peace might say..."g-word e-word a-word c-word p-word" (translation available upon request).
Good news for fans of early-seventies underground punk rock! Got word from none other than former Titfield Thunderbolter Bill Altice that the infamous Cee-Dee collection of Richmond Virginia under-the-counterculture rock NECROSCOPIX is available as a free download which you can cheerfully obtain by clicking here. Yes, this roundup of some of the more obscure experimental avant-rock to come outta the fertile mid-South scene can be yours for a mere nada and a shiny disque, not to mention proper downloading knowledge and expertise. It's a pretty wild ride too as you will undoubtedly know if you only click the highlighted link I provided for you above and read what I wrote about the thing not so many years ago. Altice also tells me that a Titfield Thunderbolt album is in the works so if any of you happen to be contemplating suicide please hold off for at least a few more months.
Got some goodies for you this time, some which I received via the likes of Bill Shute and PD Fadensonnen, others which I dug outta my collection and one which I recently bought with my own moolah if you can believe it. Hope you find 'em noteworthy, enough so that you actually decide to dish out the $$$ to at least buy the Fadensonnen platter first (he needs it more than you, and you need to hear it as soon as humanly possible) and the older booty that gets the thumbs up later. Have a few other goodies brewin' in the pot of my mind for future excursions, but until then gnaw on these bones which I'm sure you will find a marrowing experience (gotta slip them badgags I so love in!).

Fadensonnen-PD4 CD (see link at left)

If Dave Berg were to review this, he'd probably call it "The Lighter Side of PD Fadensonnen." Thankfully the nauseating thought of the former MAD touchy-feeler listening to this particular platter will never happen, but that doesn't mean you (the ever-discriminating BLOG TO COMM reader) have to pass it up. Definitely a new side to a guy whose guitar prowess seems to have been learned by repeated spins of WHITE LIGHT/WHITE HEAT and various Les Rallizes Denudes sets...the spacial qualities of these numbers recall Loren Connors with a quiet if disjointed sound that's guaranteed to give you those humid July creepies, the kind where Brad Kohler watches a rabid raccoon wobble around on a country road before getting its skull run over by a truck as if in an act of mercy.
Kraftwerk~Organisation-TONE FLOAT CD (no label)

Once and maybe future available reissue of the pre-Kraftwerk Ralf and Florian album that nobody knew about until ten years after the fact. And by that time just try finding a copy! An interesting romp showing the pair before they got into the electronic whirr packing their group with loads of percussionists and even a bass guitarist somewhere in the mix. Sounds exotica one moment then all of the tricks of 1969 progressive rock seem to be trotted out...not bad but one thing this session sure could have used was a few screaming electric guitars if only to punkify matters. For the disenchanted, the Florian Schnieder with future Neu!-sters Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger version of Kraftwerk on BEAT CLUB May 1971 is included, as it usually is to pad these Kraftwerk albums of questionable legality out.
Various Artists-SAYONARA FISH & CHIPS CD-R burn (compiled by Bill Shute)

Good early-sixties instrumental rock lilt to this 'un (tip of the hat to Indonesia's Quests, who have a good 1962 Joe Meek-sounding production goin' for 'em). Some countrybilly can be discerned in the mix not to mention hotcha teenage humor (King Tut's "Shorter Hours At School"), plus loco legend Bill Cardille gets to do a single promoting his CHILLER THEATER show on channel 11!  Scatter a little bitta early-sixties post-rab here and some garage thunkers there and you got forty-seven minutes of something that sounds a whole lot better'n sitting through the 1982 WMMS-FM playlist or something that most kids unfortunately thought was the bitchinest as they used to say.
Rashied Ali Quartet-NEW DIRECTIONS IN MODERN MUSIC CD (Knit Classics)

Coltrane's last drummer helped keep the spirit of his former boss' exploratory musings alive with not only this group but this album, originally released on Ali's own Survival label way back in the guttural seventies. Nothing here approaches the feral velocity of ASCENSION true, but NEW DIRECTIONS sure approximates the energy and spirit of Coltrane more'n Carlos Santana and Mahavishnu John McLaughlin ever could. Makes me wonder when that rumored album by Ali's Funky Freeboppers is gonna make its way into our lives...I've been waiting to hear that group for years.


Gee Hamilton, I expected more outta you. After all you were so boffo on THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW that time Andy arrested you but he had you join up with his Barbershop Quartet anyway because his tenor was sick. Of course you just hadda escape out the men's room window leaving Andy in a particularly potent pickle, but that was before you returned just in time for the contest after some bum gave you the lowdown on just what a good man Andy was compared with some of the other law enforcement officers you ruffians run up against. And yeah, you did try your darndest to freshen up a whole load of dull seventies sitcoms with your presence (usually unsuccessfully, but that's beside the point), so you can see why I snatched your 1973 traipse into folkie rock up and was perhaps the first person in forty years to even consider doing so. I will admit that I was hoping for a Tim Buckley sense of inner turmoil strain and that might have been asking for too much, but why does the specter of Harry Chapin permeate this thing??? (Look at the production credits closely and find out what I did way too late!)  Sorry, but if Andy Taylor heard this album he woulda locked you up for good 'n thrown away the key!
Various Artists-JACKHAMMER WALLFLOWER CHANGES CD-R burn (compiled by Bill Shute)

I was planning on only reviewing one Bill burn per post from now in order to make this entry look not so dependent on Mr. Shute's efforts to educate me (even though I need it!), but I just spun this and thought the post needed beefing up and all so... Good one here featuring a number of countrybilly ravers, some downright deep-fried Southern twangers that have that much-desired garage production value, a cornball cover of the Beatles' "Michelle" which sounds like it was recorded "around" an edited version of the hit, and even some more "song poem" efforts that I'm sure made some guy in Wichita feel good, if not his mother. Speaking of mothers, this 'un's also notable for including an Andre Williams song about Amerigan mothers which really tops the ginch meter. Best part is where he mentions that he lost his own mother in childbirth (contrary to his Wikipedia entry, if you can really put any stock in 'em anymore) which kinda sends the entire record into the realm of...wha???? (Of course maybe he didn't actually write it, but...)
*got some heat using that term a good decade and a half back but really, if there was any other term closer to the truth behind (no pun intended) the current homosex movement and its narcissistic nature I have yet to hear it.

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